Deepavali 2021

Minutes of LNS Deepavali meet 2021

Poster :

Though we started the Deepavali meet by 3.30 PM a delay of 30 mins was to ensure that people who were travelling from distance to reach.

The meeting was started by ‘Welcome speech’ by me as secretary and followed by illuminating the Kuthu Vilakku which was beautifully lighted by Sivagami Nachiappan Achi, Vasantha Shanmugam Achi and Menaka Meyappan Achi. The prayer song was sung by Miss. Abirami and Miss. Gowri Sockalingam and Miss. Aishwarya Kannamai. The new committee of 2021/22 was introduced by the president Mr. Selvaganesan Ramanathan as there was no earlier opportunity for the team to be properly introduced to LNS community. Following the team introduction, a beautiful Tamil poem was read by Mr. Selvaganesan who wrote the poem for this special occasion.

The memorial for our Late founder Mr. Thiyagarajan Aiyyah was conducted. Few short speeches praising & remembering our Late Founders work was given by Mr. Selvaganesan, Mr. Radhakrishnan Thiagarajan, Dr C Nachiappan, Mr. Sendhil Ramanathan and Mrs. Sujatha Sethuraman.

The Orchestra RG Music academy was introduced, and the stage was handed over to them. They sung wonderful songs for the next 45 minutes.  –

As all the above were going on, the registration desk & photo booth were active and busy. LNS members registered their presence in the registration desk which was managed by Mr. Veerappan Annamalai, our treasurer and members showed loads of interest in taking their picture in photo booth which was managed by Mrs. Ramya Chellappan. The art display was set up where paper & colour pencil was provided for the young minds to explore their creativity. They came up with so many wonderful creations that were displayed for members to see. The mouth-watering Samosa and beach sundal were served to members as snacks and self-helping tea, coffee station was also set up and available throughout the function.

Following the first section of Orchestra music, LNS malar team was introduced by Mr. Karunamoorthy and Mrs. Sujatha Sethuraman, they briefed about the works done by Malar team and thanked for all the contributors, encouraged more people to contribute for the malar.

The sponsors of the event ‘Wisdom education’ and ‘Lifeline agency’ set up their stall near the registration desk and at the entrance, they engaged with LNS members. Wisdom education, they have tied up with Sikkim Manipal University and provides online English classes and other program like MBS, BBA etc., They conduct the classes online, and it can be done as full time and as well as part time. Mr. Peter from Wisdom education was asked to take the stage and explain about his work and wisdom education, he briefed the members and engaged the audience through his witty jokes.  Lifeline agency offers insurance, mortgage and will writing services, they generously offered free will writing service for LNS members and conducted free raffle draw, the first prize Alpha Tablet was won by Mrs. Thennammai and second prize Amazon Echo Dot was won by Mrs. Valli Vairavan. Raffle draw was conducted after the start music game show.

The much-awaited start music show was conducted following sponsors introduction/ speech. The game show was conducted by the Orchestra and it was an instant massive hit with the members. All the attendees were involved and were divided into four teams,

  1. Adhiradi rockers lead by Mr. Ramanathan
  2. Saravadi Sekhar lead by Mr. Vairavan
  3. Pattasu rangers lead by Mrs. Kalyani
  4. Matthappu Magalir was lead by Mrs. Sumathi

Three rounds were conducted,

Round 1- Connections

Round 2. Find the song from music

Round 3. Sing the song by identifying the lyrics.

Though there is no official score and prizes involved, all the teams were marked just for a fun. We were able to see there were loads of enthusiasm and so many hidden singers in our LNS community. At the end Pattasu rangers scored the highest number of points. There were no words to express the fun which the members enjoyed during this game show.

The fireworks were then organized as planned, and the weather supported us. All members showed great interest and had good fun in lighting the fireworks. As we said in our promotional email there is nothing called as Deepavali celebration without fireworks, our members doubled the celebration by lighting the fireworks. It was so good to see all the age groups enjoyed it.

As the fireworks was going on, delicious scrumptious dinner arrived, and it was set up as a buffet in dining hall. The menu is difficult for anyone to say no to. The menu poster attached for reference.

  1. Veg Hara Hara Kebab
  2. Mutton Kebab
  3. Chilli chicken
  4. Bonda
  5. Vegetable Biriyani
  6. Mutton Biriyani
  7. Daliya chicken
  8. Panner butter masala
  9. Curd rice
  10. Carrot Halwa
  11. Appalam
  12. Pickle

As the food was served, our orchestra kept the celebration vibes high by singing songs. They also asked if anyone from our member wishes to sing a song, Mr. Venkatesan volunteered and sung a beautiful song along with the singers from orchestra. Their wonderful music entertainment for the day came to an end by 08.30.

Our own young violinist Mr. Krishnan and Mrs. Damayanti played three songs and they asked the audience to identify the songs, new talents need appreciation and recognition. We need to applause for their talent. Following their wonderful performance, the new couple’s introduction. Young couples like Mr. Karthic and Mrs. Visaalam Manimegalai, Mr. Chris and Mrs. Seetha were introduced to our LNS community and our heartly congratulation for their married life. New member Mr. Aravind was also introduced to our LNS community.

The wonderful event came to an end with the group photo which I would say ‘the cheery on to the top of the cake’. –

We the committee of 2021/22 would like to thank our sponsors

3rd party sponsors:

  1. Mr. Ravi from Wisdom education –
  2. Mr. Shaji Jose from Lifeline insurance agency

LNS sponsors: (Need full names)

  1. Mrs. Annapoorani achi, who sponsored on memory of our beloved Late founder Mr. Thiyagarajan Annan.
  2. Mrs. Vasantha Shanmugam for the flowers
  3. Dr. Nachiappan and family for fireworks
  4. Mr. Karunamoorthy and family for fireworks

We would also like to take this opportunity to all members who helped us in organizing this event by either coming earlier to help & support in setting up and by also staying late in cleaning and winding off. Our special thanks to the below persons for their exclusivity for their helping hand.

  1. Mr. Karthic & Mrs. Vishalam
  2. Mr. Raju Meyyappan & Mrs. Menaka
  3. Mr. China Meiyappan
  4. Mrs. Ramya Chellappan
  5. Mr. Sethuraman Murugappan – for lending the Camera

And all other members who helped us in food serving and cleaning. A special note to our budding young LNS members- Miss Veena Selvaganesan for preparing the slides for connections round in start music which was highly praised and thoroughly enjoyed by all our members.

Mr. Karthik Selvaganesan, Datshin Karunamoorthy, Akshay Lakshmanan, Abhinay Kannan, Sachin Subbiah and Shan Shanmuganathan for serving the snacks to the seats of our members & also being a helping hand whenever needed.

Please accept our apologies if we didn’t mention anyone’s name who volunteered and helped us in conducting the event smoothly.

We also would like to inform that like any other functions and big events there were some teething issues, due to the delayed start and time constraints we couldn’t accommodate our own talent display during the prime time. We have taken note of this and will try to address this in our future events and will advise the next committee to make a note of this while planning and executing the future events. We hope you understand this and please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

I, as secretary of LNS Committee 2021/22, I am incredibly happy to be part of this year’s committee team. We stuck together as blood and skin, we ensured that we all were on same page to avoid any confusion. We all played our part well and pulled this event off. We practise round table method, so no one is felt superior or inferior to other. The decision taken was always the decision of committee rather than individual person.  We as a team would like to thank our Trustee Mrs. Geetha Achi for giving us free hand in organizing, conducting, and making this event successful.

Lastly, without you all – the wonderful members of LNS this event wouldn’t be successful as it was, several people with young children travelled from far places and some families used public transport and some travelled for more than couple of hours to attend this event. We are very grateful and heartfelt thank you to all who attended this event.

Our next event is Pillayar Nonbu which is scheduled on December the 11th, 2021 at London Murugan temple hall, East Ham. Looking forward to seeing you all on 11th December 2021.

Thank you

Kind regards,

Chella (Chellappan Palaniappan)

LNS Secretary 2021/22, on behalf of President, Treasurer and all other 2021/22 committee members.

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