Photography Competition 2021

Dear Annan’s and Achi’s,

I hope you all are doing good and keeping safe.

As you all are aware we successfully completed LNS photography competition’21 which ran from 02n August 22.00 till 08th August 22.00 (all time in BST). A brief update on how many entries received, how many likes each entries received can be found in the attached document.

Training/ Tips:

We have planned to have a one-hour session with the creative successful Candid wedding architecture photographer from our own Chettinad- Mr. Muthuraman. He an experienced photographer and architecture photographer who owns his own firm and Also, you can follow him on social media platforms under his id



In the recent days, we all are more accustomed in using our phone for photos than DSLR camera’s. Hence, Mr. Muthuraman will be sharing loads of ideas and tips on how to click a perfect picture using your own phones and some light on how to use the DSLR camera’s in more efficient way.

This session is planned for July the 18th at 16.00. Zoom invite and log in details was shared closer to time. –

First place in individual categories will be awarded a 10GBP gift card during the next physical event. All entries and special mention of the first three places of each category will be published in Nagarathar Malar.  Also, we have decided to publish the names of the photographers (all participants) in Facebook against their pictures.  

Winner selection: 
As mentioned in previous emails, the winner per age group was decided by maximum number of likes received till 10pmUK time on 8th August 2021. 

Looking at the ‘Likes’ trends received in Facebook, it can be classified as Entry rather than individual pictures. For example,
1st place- Winner A for pictures AD000, AD111, AD222
1st Runner up- Winner B for pictures AD333 AD4444, AD555
2nd Runner up- Winner C for pictures AD666, AD777, AD888

For the child category we have 4 places.

Much awaited but yet known results of LNS Photography competition August’21 are as follows:

Child Category:

Winner: Veena Raamnathan

1st Runner up: Sanjana Chinna Meyappan

2nd Runner up: Anishwar Ashok

3rd Runner up: Vasundara Vijay

Teen Category:

Winner: Nachammai Sekkappan

1st Runner up: Nitish Palaniappan

2nd Runner up: Nikitha Palaniappan

Adult Category:

Winner: Sethuraman Murugappan

1st Runner up: Hema Nagappan

2nd Runner up: Ramya Chellappan

The response from our own LNS members and general audience right from the start of the competition, the photography workshop was extraordinary. The number of likes the pictures received are mind blowing.

Through this we have identified several professional creative photographers in the adult section who can guide our brilliant Teen photographers and who in turn can guide the upcoming child photographers. 

For Teen and child category, we would like to mention a special thanks to all parents as without their support and encouragement our next generation wouldn’t have participated in this competition.

Thanks again for your participation and support for LNS Nagarathar Sangam.

Kind regards,

Chella (Chellappan Palaniappan)

Secretary LNS Committee 2021-22 on behalf of President, Treasurer, and other committee members of LNS committee 2021-22.

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