London Nagarathar Charity Assistance

LNS Charity Committee awards financial assistance towards Marriage and Education needs for selected applications from Nagarathars in India. Every year there are a limited number of education / marriage assistance awards and they are disbursed to applicants from the community.

The application for Marriage Assistance is accepted for a limited period based on the availability of funds. The Sangam starts accepting the application from May every year and stops it as and when the earmarked funds for the year are disbursed. As we have a limited number of assistance, please check this website if the assistance period is open before sending us the application.

The London Nagarathar Sangam thanks MA PL Ramanathan Chettiar Trust, Pallathur who have joined us in our activity to sponsor some of the Education Assistance applications received from 2015-16.

General Guidelines for Assistance:

  1. Financial assistance is currently provided only to Nagarathar families in India who require financial support to provide higher education to their children.
  2. Marriage applications should be received by the Sangam at least 15 days before the date of the marriage and all disbursements are made before the date of marriage. Please note that we do not make disbursements after the date of marriage.
  3.  Educational assistance is available for Bachelor’s degree or diploma that would be helpful in gaining an employment. No assistance is currently given for Master’s degree or for school education. Please note that by applying for educational assistance, the applicant is agreeing to have the basic application details (Applicant Name, Native Village, Degree and Year) displayed on the website as part of application process transparency.

How to Apply:

  1. Download the appropriate application form that is made available when the application period is open. The application form varies every year and applicants are requested not to use the old application forms as that will decrease the chances for the application to be approved.
  2. Please provide all information asked and follow the instructions in the form.
  3. Take the signatures of recommending Nagarathars/Local Nagarathar Sangam/Nagara Kovil.
  4. Scan all the documents suggested in the application form and send it by e-mail with subject as Marriage Assistance or Education Assistance to and

After the email is received, LNS Charity will allocate an application reference number and inform if any additional details are required. All assistance queries should be emailed to


Currently Marriage assistance applications are accepted. Please click here to download the form and send it to the above email address.

The details of Education Assitance for 2019-20 will be made available on the website in July. 

Please click here for the list of Education Assistance for Previous Years.