London Nagarathar Sangam Constitution

London Nagarathar Sangam is administered by a Committee elected every year which abides by the constitution defined in the Constitution Document

Membership and Event charges

1.    No membership charge for Students.

2.    No membership charge for families on short stay in UK for less than a year.

3.    Annual membership is £10 per family per annum to cover the administration charges for the year.

4.    Life Membership can be obtained with a one-time payment of £75 per family (married children separate charge).

5.    The usual expense on the day of the meeting will be divided among all the attendees with the maximum currently capped at 40 pounds per adult and 20 pounds for children (exception could be overnight stay LNS events). If there is any shortfall and if there are no sponsors to cover the short fall, the extra expense will be covered by the Sangam.

6.    Attendance to the Sangam as guest is allowed on the first two occasions during the first LNS event year only. Individuals/families must become Annual or Life members of the London Nagarathar Sangam on the third attendance.

7.    Non-members will be required to pay additional charge as shown below:

Non-Members fee


Per head event (Summer party, Dewali & Tamil NY)

             + £2

per head

Per family event (Pillaiyar Nonbu)

             + £5

for single


+ £7

for family

8.    Early bird discounts are offered as follows for prompt registration and payment before the deadline for registration.  In a scenario where, late entry happens to be a non-member the additional charge is only applicable once.

Event fees illustration with Early Bird Discount



Early Bird Discount Event Fee




Registration after the deadline (Summer party, Diwali & Tamil NY)

X + £2

per head


Registration after the deadline (Pillaiyar Nonbu event)

X + £5

for single



X + £7

for family


9.    Last minute event registration cancellations will not be refunded, unless it was an unforeseeable reason and it has been communicated to LNS Committee team.

Note: Only Annual or Life members of the Sangam will be able to utilize the Sangam’s mailing box to communicate events such as Sashtiapthapoorthi, Weddings, birth, etc. to the members of the Sangam.

Charity Committee​

Permanent Member
Mr KarunaMoorthy Karunanithi – Vetrioor

Roll-In Members
Mr Selvaganesh – Nattrasankottai
Mr Manikandan Ramanathan – Viramathi

Mr S Senthilnathan – Puduvayal


Professor Nachiappan Subramanian –  P Alagapuri

As a trustee, my role encompasses overseeing and governing the Sangam, ensuring efficient resource utilization and goal achievement. This involves:
Governance: Setting the Sangam’s strategic direction, making significant decisions, and ensuring compliance with legal and governing document requirements.
Transparency: Taking responsibility for transparently communicating Sangam’s activities and outcomes.
Policy and Strategy: Collaborating with committee members and life members to develop and approve Sangam’s policies and strategies.
Fundraising: Offering support for fundraising activities.
Leadership: Providing the necessary leadership and strategic direction for the Sangam.

Thank you for your continued support.

Committee Members (2023-2024 Sobakiruthu varudam)

Mr. Selva & Geetha Muthalagappan

PresidentVirachilai, Vairavan Koil

Mrs. Deepa Nachiappan & Peri

Secretary, Karaikudi

Mr. Sendhil Thiagarajan & Nirmala

Treasurer, Kallal

Mrs. Annu Alagappan & Raja

Committee Member, Kottaiyur

Mr. Chidambaram Ganesan
Geetha Muthu Karuppan

Committee Member, Kulipirai


Mr. Peri Vairavan

Committee Member


Mr. Senthilnathan Ramakrishnan

Committee Member


Mr Mani Ramanathan

Webmaster, Pallathur

Committee Members Past

2022-23 (Subakiruthu varudam)


President: Mr Manikandan Ramanathan, Viramathi
Secretary: Mrs Meenatchi Ashok, Kadiappatti
Treasurer: Mrs Valliammai Vairavan, Konapet

Committee Members:
Mrs Ishwarya Annamalai, Rangiyam
Mr Chockalingam Natarajan, Nerkuppai
Mr Nachiappan Subramanian,  P Alagapuri

Webmaster: Mr Chinna Meiyappan Thirunavukkarasu, Aaravayal


2021-22 (Pilavu Varudam)


President: Mr Selvaganesan Ramanathan, Natarasankottai
Secretary: Mr Chellappan Palaniappan, Arimalam
Treasurer: Mr Veerappan Annamalai, KaraikudiLadies Wing: Mrs Manjula Alagappan, Kuruvikondanpatti

Committee Members:
Mr Alagappan Palaniappan, Karaikudi

Webmaster: Mr Chinna Meiyappan Thirunavukkarasu, Aaravayal

2020-21 (Saarvari Varudam)

President: Mr Nachiappan Subramanian, P Alagapuri
Secretary: Mr Chockalingam Natarajan, Nerkuppai
Treasurer: Mr Manikandan Ramanathan, Viramathi
Committee Members:
Mr Periakaruppan Vairavan, Karungulam
Mr Karthik Alagappan, A. Thekur
Mr Kasi Somasundaram, Devakottai

Webmaster: Mr Chinna Meiyappan Thirunavukkarasu, Aaravayal

2019-20 (Vikari Varudam)


President: Mr Lakshmanan Somasundaram, Puduvayal 

Secretary: Mr Chidambaram Arunachalam, Rayavaram

Treasurer: Mr Saravanan Rajendran, Nemathampatti

Webmaster: Mr Ashok Chellappan,Kadiapatti

Committee Members:
Mrs Kavitha Shanmugam , Kallal
Mr Alagappan Muthuram, Venthampatti

2018-19 (Vilambi Varudam)

President: Mr Lakshmanan Somasundaram, Puduvayal 

Secretary: Mr Lakshmanan Alagappan, Devakottai 

Treasurer: Mrs Sharmila Mohan, Kallal

Webmaster: Mr Ashok Chellappan,Kadiapatti

Committee Members:
Mrs Kavitha Shanmugam , Kallal
Mr Vijay Narayanan, O.Siruvayal

2017-18 (Hevilambi Varudam)


President: Mr Lakshmanan Somasundaram, Puduvayal 

Secretary: Mr Annamalai Chockalingam, Vallayapatti 

Treasurer: Mrs Umarajeswari Valliappan, Devakottai

Webmaster: Mr Ashok Chellappan,Kadiapatti

Committee Members:
Mrs Kavitha Shanmugam , Kallal
Mr Sivaraman Chockalingam, Karaikudi

2015-16 ( Manmadha Varudam)

President: Mr Sethuraman Murugappan
Secretary: Ms Sindhu Senthil
Treasurer: Mr Venkatesh Kanagasabai
Committee Member: Mr Annamalai Arunachalam
Entertainment Committee Members:
Mr Sendhil Thiagarajan
Mr Annamalai Adaikappan

2013-14 (Vijaya varudam)

President: Mr S Senthilnathan
Secretary: Mr S Valliappan
Treasurer: Mrs Lakshmi Thirunavakkarasu
Committee Members:
Mrs Malarvizhi Natarajan
Mrs Sivagami Nachiappan

2011-12 (Kara varudam)

President: Mr Ramanathan Subbu
Secretary: Mr Mani Ramanathan
Treasurer: Mr Lakshmanan
Committee Members:
Mr PL.Ramanathan
Mr Manikandan

2009-10 (Virodhi varudam)

President: Mr KarunaMoorthy Karunanithi
Secretary: Mr Muthiah Muthukumar
Treasurer: Mrs Sujatha Sethuraman
Committee Members:
Mr Ganesh Seetharaman
Mrs Kalyani Ramanathan


President: Mr N Thiagarajan
Secretary: Mr K Karunamoorthy
Treasurer: Mr Sekkappan Alagu
Committee Member: Mr Subbiah Venkatachalam


President: Dr. C.Nachiappan
Secretary: Mrs Valli Lakshmanan
Joint Secretary: Mrs Malathi Alagappan
Treasurer: Mr Karuppiah Thiyagarajan
Committee Members:
Mrs Meena Manickam
Mr Selvaganesan

2016-17 (Durmukhi Varudam)

President: Mr S Ganesh Kumar, Kandanur
Secretary: Dr R Palaniappan, Kulipirai
Treasurer: Mrs Annu Raja Alagappan, Kotaiyur
Committee Members:
Mrs Valli Lakshmanan, Devakottai
Mrs Dhevi Senthilnathan, Puduvayal

2014-15 (Jaya Varudam)

President: Ms Priya Mani
Secretary: Ms Shivagami Muthiah
Treasurer: Ms Vanitha Karunamoorthy
Committee Members:
Ms Geetha Selvaganesh
Ms Geetha Vijay

2012-13 (Nandana Varudam)

President: Mr Sendhil Ramanathan
Secretary: Mr Ramaswamy Sellappan
Treasurer: Mr P Lakshmanan
Committee Members:
Mr Selvamani Chidambaram
Mrs Sumathy Thiagarajan

2010-11 (Vikruthi varudam)

President: Mrs Meena M.Thiagarajan
Secretary: Mrs Geetha Karuppiah
Treasurer: Mrs Nithya S. Palaniappan
Committee Members:
Mrs Uma Sekkappan
Mrs Uma Valliappan
Mrs Bhavani Subbiah


President: Mrs Valli Lakshmanan
Secretary: Mr Selvaganesan Ramanathan
Treasurer: Mr Valliappan Ramanathan
Committee Members:
Mr Sendhil Thiagarajan
Mr Radhakrishnan Thiagarajan
Mr Mani Ramanathan
Dr R Palaniappan


President: Mr Raja Alagappan
Vice President: Mrs Santha Mani-babu
Secretary: Mr S Ganesh Kumar
Treasurer: Mrs Sivagami Nachiappan
Committee Members:
Mrs Geetha Thiagarajan
Mrs Sumathy Radha


President: Dr Mani-babu
Secretary: Mr Sundar Shanmugam
Treasurer: Dr A Palaniappan
Committee Members:
Mrs Sivagami Nachiappan
Mrs Annapoorani Thiagarajan

Dr C. Nachiappan – Karaikkudi
Mrs Geetha Karuppiah – Kandavarayanpatti
Mr Selvaganesan Ramanathan – Nattarasankottai