London Nagarathar Sangam

The London Nagarathar Sangam (popularly known as LNS) was established by Mr. Nachiappa Thiagarajan of Kallal in 2004 at London. Mr. Thiagarajan felt there was a strong need for a Sangam to be setup in London so that all the Nagarathars in United Kingdom can get together, share their thoughts, celebrate Nagarathar festivals and provide an opportunity for their children to know and enjoy the traditional Nagarathar culture. The Sangam met for the first time on the occasion of the Tamil New Year in April 2004 and celebrates its fifteenth anniversary in 2019. The members of the Sangam meet at least four times during a year on the occasion of Tamil New Year, Deepavali, Pillayar Nombu and Summer Picnic.

The Sangam’s key objectives are:

  1. A platform to socialize and share the thoughts and happiness among all our Nagarathars.
  2. Promote our rich Nagarathar culture and its values among the members and children.
  3. Celebrate our Nagarathar festivals with pride and happiness.
  4. In 2009, the LNS Committee put forward a proposal to the members for contribution towards the educational and marriage needs of our fellow Nagarathars in India. This was accepted and added to the list of key objectives.

If you belong to the Nagarathar community, live in United Kingdom and would like to become a member of our Sangam, please email us at

In the North of England there is another Nagarathar Sangam, operating as a separate entit

Upcoming event - LNS Pillayar Nonbu event 2020

When:  Saturday 4th January , From 5pm to 10 pm
Where: St Stephen's R C Church Hall,  26 Deepdene Rd, Welling DA16 3QL


Now it is time to start planning for the next LNS event – Pillayaar Nonbu, Please do attend the Pillayaar Nonbu event with family to take Elai, network with community members, make children to learn Nagarathar traditions and to participate in Yellam for fund raising – charity purpose.

We have a tight schedule, so be there on time, Target for Main prayer, Elai distribution – Around 530 pm, need all your presence on time to prepare Elai, get Kolam ready before 530 pm.To encourage children to actively participate and learn the tradition, the following activities have been included:

•             Girls involved in Kolam poduthal

•             Boys over the age of 11 (in secondary school) participate in Elai preparation with guidance from adults

 Food chart link (Early entry you get to choose what speciality you would like to bring for our  event) : 

 Event registration link(open till Friday 20th December before families take Christmas break):