London Nagarathar Sangam


The London Nagarathar Sangam (popularly known as LNS) was established by Mr. Nachiappa Thiagarajan of Kallal in 2004 at London. Mr. Thiagarajan felt there was a strong need for a Sangam to be setup in London so that all the Nagarathars in London can get together, share their thoughts, celebrate Nagarathar festivals and provide an opportunity for their children to know and enjoy the traditional Nagarathar culture. The Sangam met for the first time on the occasion of the Tamil New Year in April 2004 and celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2014. The members of the Sangam meet at least four times during a year on the occasion of Tamil New Year, Deepavali, Pillayar Nombu and Summer Picnic.

  • The Sangam's key objectives are:
  • A platform to socialize and share the thoughts and happiness among all our Nagarathars.
  • Promote our rich Nagarathar culture and its values among the members and children.
  • Celebrate our Nagarathar festivals with pride and happiness.
  • In 2009, the LNS Committee put forward a proposal to the members for contribution towards the educational and marriage needs of our fellow Nagarathars in India. This was accepted and added to the list of key objectives.

If you belong to the Nagarathar community, live in or around London and would like to become a member of our Sangam, please email us at

In the North of England there is another Nagarathar Sangam, operating as a separate entity.

Upcoming Events

Tamil New year and Thiagarajan Annan's 80th birthday celebration

Our next LNS meet for the Tamil New Year has now been finalised: Starting with lunch at 13:30 on Saturday 14th April 2018...with later in the evening from 17:00 onwardsThiagarajan Annan's 80th birthday celebration including an evening feast (Snacks, tea, drinks & dinner provided by annan)...  It is going to be a fun packed 8.5 hours from 13:30 to 20:00, please join us.

Venue details:

Temple Hill Community Centre, Temple Hill Square, Littlebrook Manor Way, Dartford DA1 5HY

Event registration and costs: We request members to please complete the event registration form and make an advance payment for the event before Monday 5th March 2018 (this is for LNS Committee team to plan accordingly for catering / food arrangements as well as other logistics planning and to avoid unexpected cancellations).... Event registration form is attached:

Thiagarajan Annan's personal invite for his 80th birthday celebration is below... Kindly join us with starting the Tamil New Year with celebrating Annan’s birthday, cutting cake and partying in the evening with light entertainment.

Recent Events And News

30th December 2017

Nagarathar Pillayar Nonbu- Bromley Parish Church, Church Road, Bromley, Kent, BR2 0EG


The LNS Pillaiyar Nombu took place at Bromley Parish Church on 30th December 2017.As a new initiative,Our LNS Children were involved in the Events.Kudos to all the young Nagarathars.The meeting was attended by 66 families (nearly 130 adults and 60 children), which was an amazing turnout.

LNS committee thank all of sponsors & members for your incredible support to achieve grand success on this event. 

Please find attached the Meeting minutes (along with Photos, Videos link) document. Apologies in case we have missed to call out any names in the document, it is unintentional.

-Photos: LINK1  LINK2


-Meeting Minutes

21st October 2017

Nagarathar Deepavali event - Adeyfield Community Centre, The Queen's Square, Hemel Hempstead, HP2 4EW

The Grand Deepavali event took place at Adeyfield Community Centre, Hemel Hempstead on 21st October 2017. For the first time, LNS children did anchor the event. Well done, Anchor team. The event was held in an interactive manner with Live DJ/SingerMagician and Caricature artist along with Sangam Children performances.

Thanks to LNS members and committee team to make this event happen in such a grand scale.  LNS committee thank all of sponsors for your incredible support to achieve grand success on this event. Overall, it was a great, successful event and the Committee is extremely happy to have received positive feedback from the members who attended and from those who couldn't attend.

Find below the Meeting minutes document along with Photos, Videos link . Apologies in case we have missed to call out any names in the document, it is unintentional.

- Photos Link - Photos taken by Mr. Chidambaram

- YouTube Link - Video Link

- Meeting Minutes

Saturday 23rd September

SPORTS/FUN DAY OUT -Valentines Park, Ilford

Sports / fun day event started with delicious Lunch prepared from home by all Aachi’s.  Thanks to all who did bring food for the event.Late afternoon was all fun / laughter with playing cricket, Women’s and children enjoyed playing kho-kho, duck duck goose game, children at Park Kids play area.

Following the fun games everyone relaxed with evening snacks.Later evening all members headed back home with the cheerful memory and joy.


Photos Link

Video Link

Saturday 8th July

Summer Trip - 2017-"Academy Newland Park,Buckinghamshire, HP8 4AD"

Our summer trip was grand success , LNS sangam organised an overnight stay for the summer trip this year on the 8th of Jul 2017 to 9th Jul 2017. It was fun filled event with BINGO and field games. All winners received prizes from Mr. Thiagarajan Annan.Thanks to the members for their attendance at this year's summer outing. With all their  presence the event was a memorable one.

Photos link 1Photos link 2

Videos' linkYouTube link

Summer Trip 2017 Meeting Minutes

15th April 2017

Tamil New Year - "The Drive, Methodist Church, The Drive, Essex IG1 3PP"

This year the Tamil New year function was celebrated on Saturday 15th April 2017 by the LNS sangam. The new 2017-18 LNS committee took over as office bearers on this occasion. This years function was a fun packed event .Thanks to the members for their presence at this year's Tamil new year function. With all their help and presence the function was a successful one.

Tamil New Year 2017 Meeting Minutes
Tamil New Year 2017 Photos
Tamil New Year 2017 Videos

7 January 2017

Pillayaar Nombu :"Petts Wood Memorial Hall, 200 Petts Wood Road, Petts Wood, BR5 1LA"

The traditional Pillayar Nombu function took place in the Petts Wood Memorial Hall, on the 7th of January 2017. The function was well attended by Nagarathar families and youngsters, all enjoyed the joyous occasion with traditional Ilai yeduthal and delicious homemade palagaram and finishing the event with fun and successful LNS yelam.
Around £3000 was raised during the Yelam contributing towards sangam charity work.

Pillaiyar Nombu 2017 Meeting Minutes
Pillaiyar Nombu 2017 Photos

30 Oct 2016

Deepavali :"Manor Park Hall, Malden Road, New Malden, KT3 6AU"

For the first time LNS sangam organised a live music troupe for the Deepavali celebrations which was held on the 30th of Oct 2016.
Thanks to the members for their attendance at this year's Deepavali function. It was one of the largest gathering of Nagarathars in the UK, all age groups throughly enjoyed the event.

Deepavali 2016 Meeting Minutes
Deepavali 2016 Photos
Deepavali 2016 Videos

16 Jul 2016

Summer Trip :"Walnutree Manor House, Haughley Green, Suffolk, IP14 3RQ"

For the first time LNS sangam organised an overnight stay for the summer trip this year on the 16th of Jul 2016 to 17th Jul 2016.
Thanks to the members for their attendance at this year's Summer trip function. It was great fun and all the members enjoyed the trip.

Summer Trip 2016 Meeting Minutes
Summer Trip 2016 Photos Summer 2016

15 May 2016

LNS Hot Wheelz team comprising of 30 LNS members took part in the Race for Kids charity event raising £439 for a very good cause.
Well done to all the participants and the organiser Mr Lakshmanan.
Highest individual fund raiser: Mr. Sendhil Thiagarajan - £157.

LNS Hot Wheelz 2016 Run
LNS Hot Wheelz


16 April 2016

Tamil New Year :"Bromley Parish Church, Church Road, Bromley BR2 0EG"

The traditional "Chithrai Tamizh Puthandu (Durmukhi Varudam) vizha" was celebrated on the 16th of April 2016 at the Bromley Hall.
The new 2016-17 LNS committee took over as office bearers on this occasion.
Thanks to the members for their attendance at this year's Tamil new year function. With all their help and presence the function went on very well.

Tamil New Year 2016 Photos
Tamil New Year 2016 Meeting Minutes

14 March 2016

Mr. and Mrs. Sendhil Thiagarajan are proud to inform all of us that their Son Ravi Thiagarajan has passed his LLB with flying colours from Buckinghamshire University.
Congratulations to Ravi and his proud parents.
We welcome a new solicitor in our community and best wishes to Ravi Thiagarajan !

Ravi Thiagarajan Ravi Thiagarajan


19 December 2015

Pillayaar Nonbu :"Bromley Parish Church, Church Road, Bromley BR2 0EG"

The traditional Pillayar Nombu function took place in the Bromley Parish Church, on the 19th of December 2015. The function was a memorable one, with a huge gathering following the traditional Ilai yeduthal and LNS Yelam.
Around £3900 was collected during the Yelam contributing around £2000 towards charity.

Pillayaar Nonbu 2015 Photos Link:

Pillayaar Nonbu 2015 - Photos

14th November 2015

Deepavali 2016 : "Main Hall, Oaklands College - The Campus, Welwyn Garden City, AL8 6AH"

Deepavali Tamil Flyer
Deepavali Poster

The grand gala event 'Fun for All' Deepavali event took place at Oakland’s college, Welwyn Garden City on 14th November 2015. For the first time, we had celebrities from India (Pattimandram fame Mr.Raja and Mrs.Bharathi Bhasker) visiting us for our LNS Deepavali function.
We are happy that we have achieved a grand success on this occasion with incredible support from all the members and sponsors.

Deepavali 2015 Photos and Videos Link:

Deepavali 2015 photos

Deepavali 2015 videos - part 1

Deepavali 2015 videos - part 2

Deepavali 2015 videos - part 3

Deepavali 2015 videos - part 4


01 November 2015

We are happy and delighted to share the news of a new addition to our LNS family.
We would like to Congratulate Dr.Nachiappan, one of our trustee member and his wife Mrs.Sivagami achi for the good news of the birth of their grandson to their daughter Nachu and son-in-law Raju, on 28.10.15 in Queen Charlette Hospital.
We wish the family and the little one health and happiness.


27th June 2015

Summer Trip :"Cambridge, Cambridgeshire"

This year for our summer trip 2015 our LNS community visited Lammas Land, Cambridge. Blessed with sunshine the day was beautiful with a good number of nagarathar families joining.
It was a fun packed picnic with various activities planned. Members started the day with punting in river Cam - enjoying the ride through the popular colleges of Cambridge.

After the punting, delicious lunch prepared by Aachis was served at the Lammas Land open park. Following lunch, the special event of the day arranged and sponsored by our committee surprised the members.
Our special guest Mr. Madurai Ramakrishnan (Popular SUN TV Asatha Povadhu Yaaru fame) entertained our members with his stand up comedy and conducted games for both Adults and Children.

All Children and winners of the games / raffle received prizes. Mr. Thiagarajan Annan felicitated the guest Madurai Ramakrishnan with a memento.
Finally our members enjoyed the hot samosas and tea served in the park and kick started a game of Cricket which ended at 8pm. Truly a day to remember forever. Thanks to the committee for the excellent planning and organizing such a fun filled family picnic !

Summer Trip 2015 Photos Link:

Summer Trip 2015 - Cambridge Photos