Chithirai Kondattam 2023

Venue: St.Crispin’s School, London Rd, Wokingham RG40 1SS

Date / Time: Saturday 15th April 2023 / 10.30 AM to 5.30 PM

  • The Chithirai Kondattam 2023 was planned to be conducted in the west of London, marking the first time in LNS history. The event was registered to be attended by 210 members, showcasing an overwhelming response from our Nagarathars for the Tamil New Year celebration.
  • On the day, the weather was bright and sunny. The team members started arriving as early as 9 AM and began preparing the venue with decorations, microphones, and speaker settings to set the stage for the grand kondattam later on.
  • Members started arriving at 10:30 for a meet and greet.
  • Our treasurer, Mrs. Valli Vairavan, handled the registration desk in a welcoming manner
  • At around 11:10 am, the event started with the lighting of the Kuthu Vilaku. Sivagami Achi and Sumathi Achi were responsible for lighting the Kuthu Vilaku.
  • Prayer songs were sung by Yogesh Annamalai Raman and Akshara Vasantha Raman
  • Young Nagarathar performers showcased their talents through dances, guitar performances, and quiz shows that lasted for nearly an hour. Their performances were well-received and appreciated by our members
  • Next up were the Youth Nagarathars, who hosted a game show that was actively participated in by the members.
  • Both the young and youth Nagarathars were presented with gifts such as water bottles, stationary holders, and bracelet jewelry to appreciate their performances and encourage them for future involvement.
  • The first set of our sponsors, Aha Bazaar and Giri Trading UK, gave a speech about their products and trading.
  • Later, our treasurer gave a summary of the accounts to the members, which included a quick summary of the income and expenses from past events.
  • The event was hosted by Mrs. Usha Chellappan and Mrs. Priya Subramniam, who each managed the event smoothly and efficiently in their own style. It did not seem like it was their first time in this role. We would like to thank both of them for handing over the gifts to the performers early on.
  • Around 1 pm, our traditional banana leaf (Vaalai Ilai) virundhu was served with the following menu. As the dining hall of the venue was perfectly suited for serving, it accommodated around 60 people for a pandhi.
  • Veg Menu
  • Gobi 65 (Starters)
  • Veg Biryani
  • Chappati
  • Veg Kurma for Chappati
  • White Rice
  • Sambhar
  • Rasam
  • Vatha kulambu
  • ChowChow Koottu
  • White cabbage poriyal
  • Curd
  • Appalam
  • Mango pickle
  • Pineapple kesari

      With following Non-Veg items

  • Chicken Briyani
  • Lamb Masala
  • Scrumptious food was enjoyed by everyone, and sweet beeda was served to complete the heavy lunch.
  • After lunch, around 3 pm, the event started with Mr. Ganesh Kumar requesting donations from the members for the Kandanur Temple Kumbabishegam.
  • Later, Mr. Raja Alagappan Annan and Mrs. Annu Achi welcomed the members for their 60th birthday celebrations.
  • Infinity Keyz sponsor, Mr. Rajesh, delivered a presentation to our members about property investment.
  • Our president Mr.Manikandan Ramanathan gave a detailed speech. A quick overview of the points.
  1. Past Physical events.

Summer trip – BBQ themed held in CotsWold (100 people participated in the event)

Mahara Nombu – Initiated in UK for the first time by LNS held in London Sri Murugan temple, Eastham (100 people participated in the event)

Diwali Dhamaka – Jointly hosted with NaSa UK in Milton Keynes (400 people attended the event)

Pillayar Nombu – Held in Temple Hill Dartford – (250 people attended the celebrations)

Chithirai Kondattam – Held in Wokingham – (210 people participated in the kondattam)

Past Joint Online events (For Charity fund raising)

Comedy show – Mr.Praveen Kumar

Comedy Show – Mr Madurai Ramankrishnan and Mrs.Nidarchana

Financial Talk – Mr.Sekkappan Alagu, Mr.Sid Mohanty and Mr.Jas Ahuja

LNS Matrimony joint venture with NSNA (US)

  • Thanked the members for their support towards the event happening in West of London for the first time and their support in huge numbers
  • As this is the final event of the current committee, a huge message of thanks was delivered to the team members individually: Mrs. Meena Ashok, Mrs. Valli Vairavan, Prof. Nachiappan Subramanian, Mr. Chockalingam Natarajan, Mrs. Ishvarya Annamalai, and Mr. Chinna Meyyappan Thirunavukkarasu for their extraordinary support throughout the past year.
  • Requested the incoming committee to continue the Mahara Nombu event, Youth wing, along with the regular events, in order to pass on our traditional values to the next generation.
  • Suggestion to conduct Youth Nagarathar camps to the new committee, if possible.
  • Later, incoming president Mr. Selva Muthalagappan was invited to deliver a speech, and to introduce the new committee to the members.
  • He began his speech by expressing gratitude towards the outgoing committee and acknowledging their achievements. He then stated his desire to follow their path and continue to achieve more.
  • The following members are part of the incoming committee:

Secretary: Mrs. Deepa Nachiappan

Treasurer: Mr. Sendhil Thiagarajan

Committee member: Mrs. Annu Alagappan

Committee member: Mr. Chidambaram Ganesan

Committee member: Mr. Peri Vairavan

Committee member: Mr. Senthilnathan Ramakrishnan

Webmaster: Mr. Mani Ramanathan

  • The incoming committee members were welcomed by the current committee members with a ceramic plant pot, and they all introduced themselves.
  • Mrs. Valli Vairavan and Mrs. Ishvarya Annamalai conducted the games. Members actively participated and enjoyed with fun and laughter.
  • As the members were tired, both active and passive, evening snacks, Jelabi and Samosa, were served with tea and coffee.
  • Finally, members started networking, and by around 5.30, all events finished successfully.
  • An eco-friendly Jute bag with a cookie biscuit was given to the members as a return gift.
  • We would like to extend our sincere thanks to all the volunteers and members who helped us throughout the event for serving banana leaf food, preparing tea/coffee, and cleaning the venue.
  • Special thanks to the following members:

Mr. Karuppaiah Vairavan – Taking pics the whole day to cover the event.

Mr. Swaminathan Subramanian – Transporting the non-veg food.

Mr. Sethuraman Murugappan, Mr. Annamalai Annamalai & Mr. Vairavan Sockalingam – Lending their cameras.

  • We would like to extend our thanks to our sponsors for this event, which enables us to go the extra mile:

Infinity Keyz

Aha Bazaar

Giri Trading UK

A&R Solicitors

  • Photo Links:

  • Please accept our apologies if we missed mentioning any of our members.
  • Finally, once again, thanks to all the members who attended and supported the events for the past year. We wish all the best to the incoming committee and hope you extend the same support to them too.

Thank you all.

LNS Committee 2022/2023.

Pillayaar Nombu 2022

Dec 30, 2022 – LNS Pillaayar Nombu was held in line with nagarathar tradition at Temple Hill Square, Dartford DA1 5HY from 5.30 PM to 10 PM. Around 240+ members gathered to get the blessings of Lord Vinayagar and it felt more like a big family get together rather than a formal event.


Venue: Temple Hill Square, Dartford DA1 5HY

Date / Time: Friday 30th December 2022 / 5.30 PM to 10:00 PM

  • The LNS Pillayar Nonbu was held (per Nagarathar tradition) at Temple Hill Hall, Dartford. Members started arriving from

5 pm onwards and the event lasted until 10.00 pm. The meeting was attended by nearly 240+ members in total, an amazing turnout.

  • Achi’s and Teen girls were involved in decorating the floor with Nadu Veetu Kollam and preparing Pillayar idol with decorations. They all deserve a huge applause.
  • Chettiars were involved in makingthe Elai and trained the teen boys for the same. LNS did appreciate all participating teen boys and Annan’s.
  • Mr Nachiappan Subramanian welcomed the members for joining the Pillaiyar Nombu event & conducted the event.
  • The event was initiated by lighting the kuthu vilakku by Mrs Seetha Thenappan Aachi, Mrs Geetha Karuppiah Achi , Mrs Jeya Senthil Achi ,Mrs.Mekala Achi and Mrs.Sumathi Radha Achi
  • Prayer songs – Started with our little super singers: Aishwarya Kannamai Chidambaram,Sanjana Chinna Meyyappan and Anishwar Chellappan. Then followed by Mrs.Meenakshi Arun,Mrs.Abirami Kasiviswanathan,Mrs.ValliKannu Chockalingam & Mrs.Thenmozhi Senthilkumar
  • Our president Mr Manikandan Ramanathan gave an update about the significance of becoming a LNS member. Also welcomed the new President of LNS 2023-24 Mr. Selva Muthalagappan & his team.

Congratulations to the new committee and we wish them all success:

  • President                      Mr.Selva Muthalagappan
  • Secretary                      Mrs.Deepa Nachiappan
  • Treasurer                      Mr.Sendhil Thiagarajan
  • Committee member     Mrs.Annu Alagappan
  • Committee member     Mr.Chidambaram Ganesan
  • Committee member     Mr.Peri Vairavan
  • Committee member     Mr.Senthilnathan Ramakrishnan
  • Webmaster         Mr.Mani Ramanathan
  • Recognizing the work done by other LNS committees for their continued effort, a memento was handed over to the following members by our trustee Mrs. Geetha Karuppiah & Mr. Karuppiah Thiyagarajan Annan

        Malar Committee

  • Mr. Periyakaruppan Vairavan
    • Mr. Karunamoorthy Karunanithi
    • Mrs. Sujatha Sethuraman

        Charity Committee

  • Mr. Senthilnathan Solayappan

        Continuing the tradition of recognizing the previous committee to keep us engaged during hybrid Covid situation, previous committee members were handed over the memento.

        2021/22 Committee

  • Mr Selvaganesan Ramanathan
    • Mr Chellappan Palaniappan
    • Mr Veerappan Annamalai
    • Mrs Manjula Alagappan
    • Mr Alagappan Palaniappan
    • Mr Chinna Meiyappan Thirunavukkarasu
  • Later, periya deepam was performed by Mr. Thenappan Annan.
  • Following the prayer songs, the Elais’ were given by: Mr N. Raja Alagappan annan, Mr. Karuppaiah annan, Mr. Thenappan Annan helped by the volunteers.
  • Homemade delicious dinner was served supplemented by additional food from the caterer. Thanks to all Achis and Annan who made the effort in preparing and bringing the food. There was a variety of food items (which included some traditional Nagarathar specialties such as vellai paniyaram, karupati paniayaram, vadai among others) that was a relish. 
  • After dinner, Yellam was conducted by Mr. Karuppiah Annan, Mr. Karunamoorthy, Mr. Raja Algappan Annan & Mr. Nachiappan Subramanian Annan (Thanks to all of them). This year our yellam raised an amount of £3471 (Three thousand Four hundred and seventy one pounds).  Details of yellam items and winning contributions are as follows:
  • Turmeric – Mrs.Jaya Senthil – £91
  • Turmeric – Mr.Ganesh Kumar – £71
  • Sugar Candy (Karkandu) – Mr.Senthil – £61
  • Jaggery [ Vellam ] – Mr. Sriram – £201
  • Dates -Mrs.Geetha Karuppiah – £81
  • Lemon-Mrs.Usha Chellappan – £71
  • Coconut – Mrs.Ramya Chellappan – £31
  • Betal Leaves [Vettrilai ] – Mrs.Geetha Karuppiah – £61
  • Salt – Mrs. Sivagami Muthiah – £201
  • Boys Shirt-Mrs.Lakshmi Velappan – £21
  • Girls Dress- Mrs.Saraswathi Annamalai – £11
  • Silver Pillaiyar – Mrs.Uma Valliappan – £731
  • Silver Kamatchi Amman Villakku – Mrs.Sindhu Senthil – £211
  • Silver Kum Kum Chimil – Big – Mr.Senthil Thiagarajan – £151
  • Silver Saavi Kothu – Mrs.Geetha Vijay – £281
  • Silver Cow & calf – Mrs.Annu Meyyappan – £371
  • Silver Thulasi madam – Mr. Kasi Viswanathan – £121
  • Silver House – Mr. Manikandan ramanathan – £221
  • Silver Kulam Vallum Pillai – Mr. Alagu Sundaram – £201
  • Silver Kulam Vallum Pillai -Mr.Ram – £131
  • Silver Kulam Vallum Pillai – Mrs.Usha Chellappan – £151
  • The committee would like to thank all the members who helped raise money for charity through the yellam. Members who obtained the yellam items are requested to kindly make their payment by the end of February to the LNS account – with reference ‘XXXX yellam’ where XXXX is your membership ID e.g. L132 or Y155. Once payment has been made, please advise the LNS Treasurer on .

        The Sangam(normal) account details are:

        Bank        :               HSBC

        Sort Code :               40-06-21

        Account No:            41561847

        Account   :               London Nagarathar Sangam

  • Vote of thanks was delivered by Mr. Chinna Meiyappan Thirunavukkarasu
  • LNS Committee would like to sincerely thank: (apologies if we have missed anyone, it is unintentional)
  • The achi’s (and chettiars) who prepared the delicious food in enough quantity
  • Mrs Nachu Manikandan, Mrs Valliammai Vairavan and Mrs.Meena Ashok for effort in preparing the tasty ellai maavu.
  • Thanks to Mrs.Ishvarya Annamalai’s parents & Mr. Chinna Meyyappan Thirunavukkarasu for purchasing the perfect silver items.
  • We would like to thank Mr.Rama Sellappan, Mr.Raam and Mr. Chinna Meyyappan Thirunavukkarasu for bringing the Silver Elam items from India.
  • Mrs. Seetha Thenappan, Mrs. Sharmila Mohan, Mr. Raja Alagappan Annan & Mrs. Sumathy Radha Achi for providing the required pooja items.
  • Mr.Chidambaram Arunachalam in purchasing the rest of Elam items.
  • Mr. Shanmuga Sundaram Subbiah for purchasing the supplementary food.
  • All members who helped with the distribution of food (buffet style food display and managing Coffee, Tea, Snacks)
  • Last but not the least, BIG thank you to all members who voluntarily helped to clean up the event hall, thank you _/\_
  • Registration desk was handled by Mrs Ishvarya Annamalai, Mrs.Lakshmi Vellappan & Mrs.Karthika Chinna Meyyappan.
  • Nice pictures were taken during the event to capture all moments. Thanks to Mr. Manikandan Thiyagarajan, Mr. Ashok Chellappan, Mr. Annamalai Annamalai & Master. Parthasarathy Muthiah
  • Tamil daily calendars for 2023 were distributed to the members. Members who couldn’t attend the Pillayaar Nonbu event can contact the committee to collect the calendar later.
  • Special thanks to our sponsors:
  • Mrs Meena Manickam (UcRB) for the Calendars sponsorship
  • Mrs Vasantha Shanmugam for the Flowers (Malligai)
  • Photos Links:



  • Our NEXT EVENT – Tamil New Year that will be celebrated on 15 April 2023, Saturday. Detailed email would follow soon. Please save the date.

Thank you all

LNS Committee 2022 / 2023

Financial Talk Show 2022

Dec 04, 2022 – LNS and NaSa UK conducted financial talk show covering different financial aspects with eminent expert speakers.

Mr. Sekkappan Alagu MBA CeMAP – Whole of Market, independent mortgage & insurance advisers

Mr.Jas Ahuja – Pensions & Investments

Mr. Sid Mohanty Msc CeMAP CeFA ASWW Aff.STEP – Estate and Trust planning Consultant



Diwali Dhamaka 2022

Oct 29, 2022 – LNS & NaSa UK jointly celebrated Diwali Dhamaka 2022 in Milton Keynes. Members signed up in record numbers (370+) for the event and made it a grand success. Variety of performance from kids and adults culturals, quizzes, talk shows were performed by members. Breakfast, Lunch and snacks were arranged for members by both sangams.

Dear Nagarathar Friends,

அங்கண் விசும்பின் அகல்நிலாப் பாரிக்கும்
திங்களும் சான்றோரும் ஒப்பர்மன் – திங்கள்
மறுவாற்றம்சான்றோர் அஃதாற்றார் தெருமந்து
தேய்வர் ஒருமாசு உறின்.

நாலடியார் விளக்கம்

அழகிய இடத்தினையுடைய வானத்தில் விரிந்த நிலவினைப் பரப்பும் சந்திரனும் மேன்மக்களும் பெரும்பாலும் தம்முள் ஒப்பாவார். ஆனால், திங்கள் தன்னிடமுள்ள களங்கத்தைப் பொறுத்துக்கொள்ளும்;
மேன்மக்களோ அதனைப் பொறார். அவர்கள் தமது ஒழுக்கத்தில் ஒரு சிறிது தவறு நேர்ந்தாலும் வருந்தி மெலிவர்.

We are quite simply thrilled to have seen so many of you at Diwali Dhamaka 2022 on Saturday in Milton Keynes.

A day filled with love, kindness and celebration galore as we all came together to rejoice this Festival of Light. Beaming and radiant in spectacular colours, there was a flurry of activity at the Magic Mirror with props adorned for that treasured photo opportunity. Starting the day with some delicious Pongal, uthappam and vadai this Deepavali was set to be extra special right from the start.

Months of preparation culminated in a few swift hours. We had a host of performances from both children and adults alike and was elegantly compered by both the morning and afternoon teams. The talent on display was insurmountable and stood stamp for the wealth of ability within our community. It was our delight in showcasing all the varied programmes and we are ever grateful to everyone involved in event planning and all those who actively participated and passively supported to make every show spectacular.

We are also most thankful to our sponsors and both LNS and NaSaUK who have collaborated together to make this event a reality. Most importantly we could not have done without all of your goodwill which was abundant all the way – be it in engaging and practising towards a performance, in eagerly purchasing tickets, in volunteering and helping on the day, in filling the venue with smiles and so much more – from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU !!

Till next time, here’s a couple of links to pictures taken on the day by our remarkable Nagarathar photographers:

Here is the much awaited vlog by London Tamizhan Raju Bhai.

Needless to say, Diwali Dhamaka 2022 was an absolute success in coming together and celebrating as one community.

Wishing you a super week.

Kind regards

Manikandan Ramanathan, LNS and Selva Muthalagappan, NaSaUK

Mahara Nombu (Ambu Podudhal) 2022

Oct 16, 2022 – LNS conducted first of its kind Mahara Nombu in UK at London Sri Murugan Temple and it was well attended by all members.



Date / Time: Sunday 16th OCTOBER 2022 5:45pm To 8:30pm

  • This year for the first time in LNS, we hosted the Mahara Nombu event at London Sri Murugan Temple hall.
  • The meeting started off by lighting the lamp by Mrs.Sivakami Achi and Mrs.Sornam Achi, followed with Prayer song sung by Mstr.Adityavel and Miss.Valliammai.
  • Our Sangam President Mr.Manikandan kick started the event with welcome speech.
  • Next was an oratory by Mrs.Sujatha Sethuraman by providing us with insights and significance of Mahara Nombu.
  • This was followed by the soulful bajan sung by Mrs.Valli Lakshmanan ,Mrs.Alagu Meenal and Mrs.Meena Manickam.
  • Next, 108 Potri recited by Mr.Allan Ramanathan Annan.
  • Next came the main agenda for the day (Ambu Poduthal) and was presided by Murugan Koil gurukkal , starting off with a Pooja to Murugan deity then followed by ambu poduthal. All our members from seniors to juniors actively took part in this ritual with great enthusiasm.
  • When all our members had finished with the Ambu Poduthal, Mr.Vairavan Sockalingam concluded the event with a Vote of thanks to all members, sponsors & event organizers.
  • Scrumptious dinner from Hotel Saravana Bavan was enjoyed by everyone.
  • All the kids were presented with gifts before leaving.
  • Our heartfelt thanks to our sponsors for the event
  • Mrs.Geetha Karuppaiah Achi
  • Mr.Kasiviswanathan Ramanathan
  • Mrs.Nachu Manikandan (Gifts)
  • Mrs Alagu Meenal Achi (Flowers)

  • LNS Committee would like to sincerely thank all those who participated in the Mahara Nombu Event and in particular
  • Mr.Allan Ramanathan Annan for their support in coordinating the event with London Sri Murugan temple
  • Mr.Chidambaram Arunachalam for his support in procurement of Vazhai maram & flowers.
  • Mr.Thenappan Annan and Sita Achi for their support of the event.
  • Mrs.Meena Thyagarajan and Mrs Meena Manickam for arranging the Ambu.
  • Mrs.Subathra Ramanathan for the Velli Kilikki.
  • Mr.Karuppaiah for taking amazing photos.
  • And every member who helped us in making this event a successful one.

Finally, thanks to all of our members who registered, attended & helped us throughout the event.

Event photos link

Thank you all

LNS Committee 2022-2023

Tamil Standup Comedy Special 2022 – Part 2

July 31, 2022 – LNS & NASA UK presents, Saravedi Standup Comedy – Sun TV fame, Madurai Ramakrishnan and Nidarchana

On Sunday, LNS & NaSa UK’s online charity Tamil stand up comedy event went really well. Thanks for all the participants who were able to attend. For those members who could not attend, please watch the recorded version using the link below

LNS Summer Trip 2022

July 16, 2022 – LNS Summer Trip was held at the Cotswold Country Park & Beach Spratsgate Lane, Shorncote, Cirencester GL7 6DF 11:00 to 17:00 PM

Summer Trip Event Year 2022 Minutes

Dear members
Hope you’re all enjoying the sunny weather and looking forward to the summer holidays.
Here are the minutes for the LNS summer trip event.
Thank you to all those members who attended. It was a bright sunny weather, where by
the sun god blessed us for a good start. The event started off at 11am with BBQ. We had
a selection & variety of BBQ items with Chicken (Niblets, Drumsticks & Thighs) for Nonvegetarian and Paneer, Peppers, Baby potatoes and Onion for vegetarians.
Member(s)/family joined the event venue gradually whilst we all were enjoying BBQ items.
Our Sangam president Mr. Manikandan Ramanathan and committee welcomed all the
members to the event, thereafter lunch was served around 1 PM with Vegetable Biryani
and Chicken Biryani with raitha.
Sweetcorn and Pineapple flavoured the members as BBQ deserts. This went on until
2:15pm where the members had a good meet & catchup with other members.
After lunch, we then boosted the event with our most awaited games. All members
participated on below games.
Kids -Gooseberry and the Spoon
Fire in the Mountain run…
Under the Blanket

Tug of War
Volley ball
This went on for 2 hours with good all-round performances. As it was a friendly match,
we (safely :)) concluded both teams as the winning team(s). Also, few members took their
children to the beach for a dip.
After the outdoor games/activities (and after burning lots of calories), the members for an
energy boost… a delicious evening snacks served with: Cake, Mixture along with Biscuits.
Then gifts were distributed to the children for active participation. Later we had a group
photograph and started consummation for the day around 5 PM.
We would like to sincerely thank all members who voluntarily helped us with the BBQ, coordinate games, served food and clean up the venue throughout the event, we appreciate
your assistance. Overall, this was an amazing trip with great turnover of members, lots
of positive feedback and good memories, many thanks to all.
Photo link:
Video link:
Our next LNS events:
LNS online Charity Event on July 31st at 3pm – Stand Up comedy with “Nidarchana”
& Vijay TV fame “Madurai Ramakrishnan”
“Deepavali 2022″, scheduled for Saturday, 29th October, 2022, Save the date,
further details – tbc.
LNS Committee 2022/23

Committee Tenure Summary 2021-2022

Dear Annan’s and Achi’s,

Video –

We, LNS Committee 2021/22 would like to thank each one of LNS members for your unconditional love and support showed to us during our tenure.

A quick summary of events happened during the last year are as below:

We started LNS activity with Chitragupta Narayanan function and competition. This was the inaugural function for LNS 2021/22 committee as well as for LNS Magalir Ani. There was a massive support, and many people took part in conducting this pooja and shared us their pooja photos. This event wouldn’t be possible without the guidance from Jaya Senthil Achi through her detailed video explanation. The video is available on our Facebook page. The photos of pooja submitted were judged by Jaya Senthil Achi and three pictures were selected and awarded 10 GBP gift card. The compilation of photos also can be found in our Facebook page.

We organized fund raising for Covid relief fund. With generous donations from our UK Nagarthar community, we collected a huge amount which was distributed to needy individual Nagarthar families in Tamil Nadu and donated vital instruments for Covid treatment to Karaikudi Government Hospital.

Next, we had an online event- Kaikul Pugaippdam- A smartphone photography workshop conducted by Smart photographer Mr. S. Muthuraman. This workshop was an instant hit amongst all Nagarathar’s across the globe. Valid points on how to make the best use of smartphone camera’s and finetune our photography knowledge was shared. Followed by the workshop we started the photography competition for our LNS members under 3 different age categories. We received good response and all the photos were posted on Facebook and the winners of each category was decided by the maximum number of likes received.  The winners of each category were given 10GBP gift card. All the photos were splendid, and it bought out many people’s hidden talents to light.

We then had our most waited Deepawali meet. We roped in RG Orchestra academy who entertained us with their rocking musical performances. We conducted Start music style game show, which was a massive hit amongst our attendee’s, everyone took part in the game show and showed their musical/ cinema talents. We had a photo booth set up and photos were taken to capture this beautiful moment, several of them have uploaded those pictures on to their social media profiles. We had few sponsors for the event without them we wouldn’t have made the event more successful. All the attendees enjoyed the fireworks and followed by delicious scrumptious south Indian dinner.

Following our grand Deepawali meet success, we gathered again for Pillayar Nombu conducted on 11th December at London Murugan Temple, East Ham. We had a good turnout despite raising Covid cases. A traditional Nagarathar dinner was served, all the dishes were prepared by all our Achi’s who attended the event. Yelam was conducted via both online and offline, we collected a massive amount.

Our last event Tamil New Year was conducted on 23rd April. We served South Indian meals in our traditional Vazhai Ilai (Banana leaf), taking all the attendees on a short memory walk to our Natives and giving them the feeling of having food in a function at our villages. The cost was highly subsidised for the event, this is our way of giving back to Nagarathar community in London and saying Thanks for all their support during the tough Pandemic times.

We the LNS Committee of 2021/22 wishing the new committee ‘All the Very Best’.

Thank you

Kind regards,

Chella (Chellappan Palaniappan)

Secretary LNS Committee 2021-22 on behalf of President, Treasurer, and other committee members of LNS committee 2021-22.

Tamil New Year 2022

Dear Annan’s and Achi’s,

Poster :

We are proud to inform you all that we have successfully conducted our LNS Tamil New Year meet 2022 and we are overwhelmed with the response from you all, a big thank you to one and all who attended the event.

The event started by lighting the Kuthu Vilaku. Kuthu Vilaku was lighted by Seetha Achi, Viji Achi, Sumathi Achi, Sharmila Achi and Malathi Achi.

The prayer song was sung by our own budding singers Veena Ramanathan, Abi Vairavan and Gowri Vairavan. 

Summary of the LNS committee 2021-22 tenure was delivered by our President, Mr. Selvaganesan Ramanathan. He addressed the attendees and gave a quick speech on throwing more light on what happened behind the screens, the key point highlighted was steps taken to register LNS as charity organisation, by highlighting the fact that changing to charity organisation we would get tax rebate from the Government which could be used for good causes. 

Secretary Mr. Chellappan Palaniappan spoke about the way committee worked and spoke about the events, how it attracted more people to join LNS functions, key point highlighted was a request to new committee to include all the spouses name of committee because without their help of respective other halves can’t be efficient in conducting LNS. 

Treasurer Mr. Veerappan Annamalai gave a quick summary about accounts, all the expenses were made from income received during the last year, key point highlighted was to get sponsorship for malar so the malar cost could be subsidized. 

Mrs. Manjula Alagappan and Mr. Alagappan Palaniappan thanked LNS members for their support throughout last year.

The new committee was introduced, the new team is headed by Mr. Manikandan Ramanathan, he introduced his team

President- Mr. Manikandan Ramanathan

Secretary: Mrs. Meena Ashok Chellappan

Treasurer: Mrs. Valli Vairavan

Committee members: Mr. Nachiappan Subramanian, Mr. Chockalingam Natrajan & Mrs. Ishvarya Annamalai

Webmaster: Mr. China Meyyappan.

Mr. Manikandan Ramanathan thanked the outgoing team and informed that Deepawali 2022 was being planned to conduct as a joint event between North Sangam (NASA) and LNS.

New team was welcomed by the current team by honouring them with Ponnadai. –

Kids cultural was conducted and our rising LNS superstar performance are as below:

1. Alarmelu Aiswarya Periyakaruppan & Vijaya Soundarya Periyalaruppan – Bharatnatyam

2. Swetha & Siddarth – Sloka recitation

3. Veda Veerappan – Dance performance

4. Sanjana Chinna Meyyappan – Singing 

5. Sarayu Indra Chellappan – Monologue 

6. Anishwar Ashok Chellappan – Singing

7. Sai Varsha Alagappan – Dancing 

8. Veerasubramaniyan Nallakaruppan – Monologue 

All kids performed well, and it was well received by the audiences. It’s always a pleasure & feast to our eyes to see young kids perform and display their talents without stage fear.

The much-awaited ‘Vazhai Ilai Virundhu’ with 21 items was served, all the members showed interest in helping and serving the food, especially panthi visaranai and clearing after every panthi. All these activities took us down our memory lane to functions attended in our respective native villages.

There was a small photo both not as grand as Deepawali though, people showed massive interest and took their pictures. 

LNS Committee 2021-22 wrap up cake was cut and served to kids and followed by group photo. Group photo was ‘cherry to the top’ of this event.

We, LNS Committee 2021-22 would like to thank everyonewho helped us to serve Vazhai Ilai Virudhu. This MoM won’tbe sufficient to add everyone’s name to thank their support & involvement. We would like to say a special thanks to our guest from India Mr. M. Palaniappan and Mrs. Viji Palaniappan (our committee member Alagappan Palaniappan’s parents) for taking in charge of back kitchen and guiding volunteers to serve the food well.

We would like to thank the following for their support:

1. Flower sponsorship – Mrs. Vasantha Achi

2. Hall- Mr. Chellappan Palaniappan

3. Food and Vazhai Ilai – Mr. Chellappan Palaniappan, Mr. Selvaganesan Ramanathan and Mr. Chidambaram Arunachalam.

4. Camera was lent by Mr. Sethuraman Murugappan

5. Photography – Mrs. Ramya Chellappan

6. Kuthu Vilaku – Mrs. Manjula Alagappan

7. Serving cutleries and utensils- Mrs. Manjula Alagappan

8. All volunteers who helped to make this event a grand success. 

With this I would like to say a ‘big thank you’ to one and all LNS members and LNS Trustee on behalf of LNS committee 2021/22 for supporting us through last year. I would like to wish All the Best to the incoming committee for the upcoming year. 

Photos Link:

Thank you

Kind regards,

Chella (Chellappan Palaniappan)

Secretary LNS Committee 2021-22 on behalf of President, Treasurer, and other committee members of LNS committee 2021-22.