ஆற்றின் வருந்தா வருத்தம் பலர்நின்று
போற்றினும் பொத்துப் படும்.

குறள் விளக்கம்
தக்கவழியில் செய்யப்படாத முயற்சி பலர் துணையாக நின்று (அதை முடிக்குமாறு) காத்த போதிலும் குறையாகிவிடும்…

We are pleased to inform you about the success of LNS’s venture into matrimonial support for our members by partnering with the NSNA Matrimonial platform. As we all are eager to follow the pathways of our forefathers in protecting our culture and expanding Pullis beyond India, we are confident that our future generations will embrace our traditions and support us in expanding Nagarathar pullis globally. Among several traditional events, Nagarathar marriage is a starting point for growing Pullis. In this regard, our Sangam is making efforts to connect with global forces to help families find the right partners for their children.

People who settled earlier did their best to spread the traditions and maintain our heritage so well. However, in the digital era, we are facing several challenges in finding a suitable match for our children within Nagarathar families settled overseas. Hence, addressing this concern was one of the priorities we had when the committee took over last year. We researched the available platforms in various countries in terms of authenticity and decided not to reinvent the wheel. Therefore, LNS has partnered with the NSNA matrimonial team to promote their website among our members to find global matches, which we believe will benefit you all. The URL for the platform is as follows:

The unique feature of this platform is that it offers matches only to NRI Nagarathars living outside India. I believe that members could benefit from this platform by registering their bride/groom details. It has numerous features, but I will list a few of them. For more information, please see the attachment.

Members can search for brides/grooms in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.
Quick search/Advanced preference search
Expression of interest
Two-factor authentication upon login
Secure photo ID registration
View the applicants who have viewed your profile
The platform has extensively benefited overseas Nagarathars. For example, in a short span of time, it helped to finalize 120 successful marriages.

Registering on the platform is self-explanatory. Therefore, LNS recommends this platform to our members to identify eligible Nagarathar brides/grooms across the globe (except India). However, further details and communication are the sole responsibility of the individual family in converting the find to make it a successful marriage.

NSNA has agreed to have a point of contact from LNS, and my sincere thanks go to Prof. Nachiappan Subramanian, who has kindly accepted to be the LNS representative and point of contact for the matrimonial team. For any technical or further questions, please reach out to the email address

We look forward to hearing your feedback, and hope this would be of great use to our community as a whole.