Chithirai Kondattam 2023

Venue: St.Crispin’s School, London Rd, Wokingham RG40 1SS

Date / Time: Saturday 15th April 2023 / 10.30 AM to 5.30 PM

  • The Chithirai Kondattam 2023 was planned to be conducted in the west of London, marking the first time in LNS history. The event was registered to be attended by 210 members, showcasing an overwhelming response from our Nagarathars for the Tamil New Year celebration.
  • On the day, the weather was bright and sunny. The team members started arriving as early as 9 AM and began preparing the venue with decorations, microphones, and speaker settings to set the stage for the grand kondattam later on.
  • Members started arriving at 10:30 for a meet and greet.
  • Our treasurer, Mrs. Valli Vairavan, handled the registration desk in a welcoming manner
  • At around 11:10 am, the event started with the lighting of the Kuthu Vilaku. Sivagami Achi and Sumathi Achi were responsible for lighting the Kuthu Vilaku.
  • Prayer songs were sung by Yogesh Annamalai Raman and Akshara Vasantha Raman
  • Young Nagarathar performers showcased their talents through dances, guitar performances, and quiz shows that lasted for nearly an hour. Their performances were well-received and appreciated by our members
  • Next up were the Youth Nagarathars, who hosted a game show that was actively participated in by the members.
  • Both the young and youth Nagarathars were presented with gifts such as water bottles, stationary holders, and bracelet jewelry to appreciate their performances and encourage them for future involvement.
  • The first set of our sponsors, Aha Bazaar and Giri Trading UK, gave a speech about their products and trading.
  • Later, our treasurer gave a summary of the accounts to the members, which included a quick summary of the income and expenses from past events.
  • The event was hosted by Mrs. Usha Chellappan and Mrs. Priya Subramniam, who each managed the event smoothly and efficiently in their own style. It did not seem like it was their first time in this role. We would like to thank both of them for handing over the gifts to the performers early on.
  • Around 1 pm, our traditional banana leaf (Vaalai Ilai) virundhu was served with the following menu. As the dining hall of the venue was perfectly suited for serving, it accommodated around 60 people for a pandhi.
  • Veg Menu
  • Gobi 65 (Starters)
  • Veg Biryani
  • Chappati
  • Veg Kurma for Chappati
  • White Rice
  • Sambhar
  • Rasam
  • Vatha kulambu
  • ChowChow Koottu
  • White cabbage poriyal
  • Curd
  • Appalam
  • Mango pickle
  • Pineapple kesari

      With following Non-Veg items

  • Chicken Briyani
  • Lamb Masala
  • Scrumptious food was enjoyed by everyone, and sweet beeda was served to complete the heavy lunch.
  • After lunch, around 3 pm, the event started with Mr. Ganesh Kumar requesting donations from the members for the Kandanur Temple Kumbabishegam.
  • Later, Mr. Raja Alagappan Annan and Mrs. Annu Achi welcomed the members for their 60th birthday celebrations.
  • Infinity Keyz sponsor, Mr. Rajesh, delivered a presentation to our members about property investment.
  • Our president Mr.Manikandan Ramanathan gave a detailed speech. A quick overview of the points.
  1. Past Physical events.

Summer trip – BBQ themed held in CotsWold (100 people participated in the event)

Mahara Nombu – Initiated in UK for the first time by LNS held in London Sri Murugan temple, Eastham (100 people participated in the event)

Diwali Dhamaka – Jointly hosted with NaSa UK in Milton Keynes (400 people attended the event)

Pillayar Nombu – Held in Temple Hill Dartford – (250 people attended the celebrations)

Chithirai Kondattam – Held in Wokingham – (210 people participated in the kondattam)

Past Joint Online events (For Charity fund raising)

Comedy show – Mr.Praveen Kumar

Comedy Show – Mr Madurai Ramankrishnan and Mrs.Nidarchana

Financial Talk – Mr.Sekkappan Alagu, Mr.Sid Mohanty and Mr.Jas Ahuja

LNS Matrimony joint venture with NSNA (US)

  • Thanked the members for their support towards the event happening in West of London for the first time and their support in huge numbers
  • As this is the final event of the current committee, a huge message of thanks was delivered to the team members individually: Mrs. Meena Ashok, Mrs. Valli Vairavan, Prof. Nachiappan Subramanian, Mr. Chockalingam Natarajan, Mrs. Ishvarya Annamalai, and Mr. Chinna Meyyappan Thirunavukkarasu for their extraordinary support throughout the past year.
  • Requested the incoming committee to continue the Mahara Nombu event, Youth wing, along with the regular events, in order to pass on our traditional values to the next generation.
  • Suggestion to conduct Youth Nagarathar camps to the new committee, if possible.
  • Later, incoming president Mr. Selva Muthalagappan was invited to deliver a speech, and to introduce the new committee to the members.
  • He began his speech by expressing gratitude towards the outgoing committee and acknowledging their achievements. He then stated his desire to follow their path and continue to achieve more.
  • The following members are part of the incoming committee:

Secretary: Mrs. Deepa Nachiappan

Treasurer: Mr. Sendhil Thiagarajan

Committee member: Mrs. Annu Alagappan

Committee member: Mr. Chidambaram Ganesan

Committee member: Mr. Peri Vairavan

Committee member: Mr. Senthilnathan Ramakrishnan

Webmaster: Mr. Mani Ramanathan

  • The incoming committee members were welcomed by the current committee members with a ceramic plant pot, and they all introduced themselves.
  • Mrs. Valli Vairavan and Mrs. Ishvarya Annamalai conducted the games. Members actively participated and enjoyed with fun and laughter.
  • As the members were tired, both active and passive, evening snacks, Jelabi and Samosa, were served with tea and coffee.
  • Finally, members started networking, and by around 5.30, all events finished successfully.
  • An eco-friendly Jute bag with a cookie biscuit was given to the members as a return gift.
  • We would like to extend our sincere thanks to all the volunteers and members who helped us throughout the event for serving banana leaf food, preparing tea/coffee, and cleaning the venue.
  • Special thanks to the following members:

Mr. Karuppaiah Vairavan – Taking pics the whole day to cover the event.

Mr. Swaminathan Subramanian – Transporting the non-veg food.

Mr. Sethuraman Murugappan, Mr. Annamalai Annamalai & Mr. Vairavan Sockalingam – Lending their cameras.

  • We would like to extend our thanks to our sponsors for this event, which enables us to go the extra mile:

Infinity Keyz

Aha Bazaar

Giri Trading UK

A&R Solicitors

  • Photo Links:

  • Please accept our apologies if we missed mentioning any of our members.
  • Finally, once again, thanks to all the members who attended and supported the events for the past year. We wish all the best to the incoming committee and hope you extend the same support to them too.

Thank you all.

LNS Committee 2022/2023.

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