LNS Tamizh Puthandu (Vilambi varudam) vizha

Venue: Temple Hill Community Centre,Temple Hill Square,
Littlebrook Manor Way, Dartford DA1 5HY
Date and Time: April 14th, 2018, 1:30 PM to 5:00 PM

The LNS Tamil New Year Function was held at the Temple Hill Community Centre, Dartford. LNS members started arriving at the venue from 1:30 pm onwards and the event lasted until 5:00 pm. The meeting was attended by approx. 150 members including adults and children, an amazing turnout.

Our Sangam president Mr. Lakshmanan Somasundaram welcomed all the members to the event from time to time, encouraging attendees to register for the event who had not registered earlier.

The traditional lighting of the kuththu villakku was done by Mrs Annapoorani Achi and Mrs Vasantha Achi.

The event started with a prayer song beautifully sung by our Sangam children followed by light music entertainment from DJ Majuran and singers, which was interspersed with the Sangam events.

As per tradition, our Sangam members volunteered to serve the lunch consisting of vegetable dishes, chicken biryani and accompaniments. Members helped themselves to soft drinks, tea and coffee which was available throughout the event. Our sincere apologies for those few families who came later for the shortage of lunch (this was due to the unexpected number of members who turned up after registration).

The Sangam children performed the following activities. Well done all:

  • Aishwarya Kannammai Chidambaram – Prayer song
  • Anishwar Ashok – Prayer song
  • Muthu Palaniappan Ramanathan (Ajay) – Prayer song
  • Sanjana Subramanian Bharatanatyam and Folk dance
  • Nithyashri Annamalai – Bharatanatyam
  • Vishan Senthil – Speech – Why to learn Tamil
  • Nithyashree Alagappan – Dance – Kannukkul Pthi Vaithen

President Mr. Lakshmanan requested new members to introduce themselves and asked all members to collect the new LNS directories for 2018-19. LNS welcomes the new members.

The external sponsor for the event (Mr Nitin Trivedi representing Wealth Max Financial Advisers) introduced himself and encouraged Sangam members to come and enquire about investment opportunities and suggestions. Members can still contact him, his details are: , Nitin Trivedi, M- +44 7761508422, E- nitin.t@wealthmax.co.uk

Thiagarajan annan awarded mementos to all the Sangam children who had performed at the event.

This was followed by the hand over to the new committee. The outgoing committee shared their thoughts/experiences and welcomed the new committee. A small token of appreciation (personalised photo placemat / display) was provided on behalf of our President Mr. Lakshmanan by Thiagarajan Annan to the outgoing committee: Mr Annamalai Chockalingam (Secretary), Mrs Uma Rajeswari Valliappan (Treasurer), Mr Ashok Chellappan (Webmaster), Miss Kavitha Shanmugam (Committee) & Mr Siva Chockalingam (Committee), well done all and thank you for your efforts and hard work. The outgoing committee presented a box of chocolates as their thanks to President Lakshmanan for his valued dedication and hard work during this past one year.

Before the new committee was introduced, President Lakshmanan and Mrs Uma detailed the costs and income incurred by the Sangam for the year 2017/18. Our President requested explained the importance of the Sangam members registering in advance for our Sangam events, as this helps with the event planning. It was noted that everyone cannot commit to attendance as last-minute changes to schedules affects the number of members able to attend, advance registering was encouraged to help avoid this.

The new committee for 2018-19 is as follows:
President – Mr. Lakshmanan Somasundaram
Secretary – Mr. Lakshmanan Alagappan
Treasurer – Mrs. Sharmila Mohan
Committee member – Mrs. Vijay Narayanan
Committee member – Miss. Kavitha Shanmugam
Webmaster – Mr. Ashok Chellappan

This concluded the Tamil New Year celebrations which was followed by Thiagarajan Annan’s 80th Birthday celebrations. More guests arrived making the birthday celebrations truly enjoyable. The birthday celebrations included friends and guests of Thiagarajan Annan whom praised him and shared poems, anecdotes and their experiences.

The LNS committee would like to thank all members who voluntarily helped to set up, co-ordinate, served food and clean up the hall throughout the event, we appreciate your assistance.

We thank our sponsors:

  • Mrs Vasantha Achi for the flowers
  • Mr Nitin Trivedi (Wealth Max Financial Advisers) for his generous contribution towards the costs for the event

Thanks to all those who took and shared their photos:

Photo link:
Video link:

Our next LNS event: Summer Trip, tentative period in mind – Late June 2018. Further details to follow.

Thank you
LNS Committee 2018/19

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