LNS Pillayar Nombu 2017

Venue: Bromley Parish Church, Church Road, Bromley, Kent, BR2 0EG
Time: 5:00 PM to 10:30 PM Dec 30th 2017

The LNS Pillayar Nombu was held as per the LNS tradition at Bromley Parish Church, Church Road, Bromley, Kent, BR2 0EG. Members started arriving from 4:30 pm onwards and the event lasted until 10.30 pm. The meeting was attended by 66 families (nearly 130 adults and 60 children), which was an amazing turnout.

As new a initiative, our Sangam children were involved in doing the “Nadu Veetu Kollam”. Kudos to the team for for drawing such beautiful kollam. Mr Lakshmanan Somasundaram welcomed all the LNS members for coming. The LNS children were given the opportunity to talk about our Nagarathar temples and traditions. Thereafter the event was initiated by lighting the kuthu vilakku by Mrs Annapoorani Achi along with Mrs Vasantha Achi and Mrs Sivagami Achi. This was followed by a prayer song by our children. Following the prayer song, Pillaiyar Nonbu ellais’ were given by Mr Thiagarajan, Mr Shanmugam and Dr Manibabu.

After all the members had the ellai, our traditional yellam was conducted by Mr Karuppiah ,Mr S. Senthilnathan and Mr Sendhil Ramanathan. This year our yellam amount reached a new target of £4653. Details of yellam items is as follows:

  • Nattu chakkarai – Mr & Mrs. Thenappan, £101
  • Karkandu – Mrs. Sivakami Achi, £201
  • Rock salt – Mr & Mrs. Kumar Muthalagappan, £501
  • Table salt – Mr & Mrs. Karthik Swaminathan, £101
  • Manjal – Mr & Mrs. Kumar Muthalagappan, £1001
  • Coconut – Mr & Mrs. Lakshmanan Somasundaram, £101
  • Lime – Mrs. and Mr C.Nachiappan, £101
  • Pattu Saree and Vesti – Mr & Mrs. Valliappan Ramanathan, £101
  • Kamatchi vilakku – Mr & Mrs. Sendhil Ramanathan, £101
  • Silver tumbler – Mr & Mrs. Manikandan Chidhambaram, £181
  • Silver house – Mr & Mrs. Senthil Panayappan, £241
  • Silver Tulasi Madam – Mr & Mrs. Muthiah Muthukumar, £75
  • Silver Pillayar – Mr & Mrs. Karthik Swaminathan, £401
  • Silver Kukumachimil – Mr & Mrs. PL.Ramanathan, £201
  • Silver Kukumachimil – Mr & Mrs. N.Palaniappan , £151
  • Silver Kulavalam Pillai – Mr & Mrs. Karthik Swaminathan, £351
  • Silver Cow & Calf – Mr & Mrs. Saravanan, £271
  • Gold Coin (1gm) – Mr & Mrs. Senthil Solayappan, £251
  • Gold Coin (1gm) – Mr & Mrs. Venkatachalam Subbiah, £221

The committee would like to thank all the members who won the yellam items and raising money for noble causes to be donated through the Sangam. Members who obtained the yellam items are requested to kindly make their payment by the 20th January to the LNS account (once payment has been made, please advise the LNS Treasurer, Mrs Uma Valliappan), thank you. The Sangam account details are:

Bank: HSBC A/C
Name: London Nagarathar Sangam
Sort Code: 40-06-21
A/C No: 41561847

This year our LNS achi’s had arranged to wear a common saree (coordinated by Mrs. Kaveri Lakshmanan). Nearly two thirds of our Sangam ladies who purchased these sarees (48 sarees) asked to retain the balance amount of £3.50 per saree contributing this to our Charity fund. Thanks to all those members, this resulted in additional charity collection of £168 (apart from yellam collection amount).

The new members introduced themselves. LNS welcomed:

  • Mr. Chellappan & Mrs. Usha – Devakottai
  • Mr. Somasundaram – Aravayal
  • Mr. Muthuraman Alagappan
  • Mr. Balaji & Mrs. Meena – Sirukudalpatti
  • Mr. Chellappan – Arimalam
  • Mr. Karupaiah – Karaikudi
  • Mr. Muthaiah & Mrs. Unnamalai – Devakottai
  • Mr. Sriram Chokkalingam – Panayapatti
  • Mrs. Maruvoor Umaiyarasi – Karungulam

Congratulations to all the children who participated in the Pillaiyar Nonbu events. As a token of appreciation, all the children who participated were awarded with a certificate and gifts.

Singers for Prayer songs

  •  Vijay Somu Lakshmanan
  • Krithiga Arumugam
  • Meenakshi Valliappan
  • Manimegalai Rama Chellappan
  • Nikitha Palaniappan
  • Nagalakshmi Valliappan & Nandhini Sethuraman
  • Vignesh Karunamoorthy
  • Nithyashree Alagappan
  • Janani Shanmugam
  • Sanjana Meenakshi SubramaniyamNadu Veetu Kollam
  • Varsha – Manikandan Chidambaram
  • Nikitha – Palaniappan (Senthi) Ramaswamy
  • Nachammai – Manikandan Ramanathan
  • Shalini – Sharmila Subbiah
  • Nagalakshmi – Valliappan Ramanathan
  • Nithya – Chockalingam Natarajan
  • Meenakshi – Venkatesh.K
  • Veena – Selvaganesan Ramanathan
  • Priya – Muthiah M
  • Lakshmi – Lakshmanan Somasundaram
  • Nachammai – Venkatachalam Subbiah
  • Nandhini – Sethuraman

Nagarathar Kovil & Traditions – Young Speakers

  •  Veena – Selva Ganesan
  •  Nivedha – Manikandan Ramanathan
  • Akshay – Lakshmanan Alagappan
  • Dakshin – Karunamoorthy Karunanithi
  • Ram charan- Chockalingam Natarajan
  • Jothi – Kavitha Shanmugam
  • Ajay – Raam Palaniappan
  • Vijay – Lakshmanan Somasundaram

Thiagarajan annan thanked the existing committee for all their work during the events taking place in this running year of 2017/18. Annan then selected the new committee for next year (year 2018/19) with consensus from all LNS members present at the event. Congratulations to the new committee and we wish them all success:

President Lakshmanan Somasundaram
Secretary Lakshmanan Alagappan
Treasurer Sharmila Subbiah
Committee member Vijay Narayanan
Committee member Kavitha Shanmugam
Webmaster Ashok Chellappan

After this, dinner was served. There was a variety of food items (which included some traditional Nagarathar dishes like vellai paniyaram, karupati paniayaram, masala seeyam, vadai etc) that was a relish. Following dinner, we had group photographs – for children, ladies (great to see with common saree) and gents.

LNS Committee would like to sincerely thank:

  • The achi’s (and chettiars) who prepared the delicious food in sufficient quantity
  • Mrs Sivagami achi’s effort in preparing the tasty ellai maavu, very much appreciated
  • The chettiars who helped to make the elai piddithal on the day and also the volunteers who helped with distributing the ellais’
  • The support of Mrs Annapoorani achi for bringing swami pictures and poojai items
  • Mr Venkatesh Kanagasabai for helping us bring over the calendars from India
  • Mrs Uma Valliappan in purchasing the yellam items
  • Mrs Saraswathi Annamalai & Mrs Meenatchi Ashok for coordinating the Nadu Veetu Kollam
  • Mr Ashok Chellappan and Miss Kavitha Shanmugam for coordinating the young speakers for the Nagarathar Kovil and Traditions speeches
  • Mrs Kaveri Lakshmanan and Mrs Uma Valliappan for helping the kids with the prayer songs
  • Mr Annamalai Chockalingam for event registration
  • Mr Ashok Chellappan for Photography
  • Mr Valliappan on overall help on event registration, ellai pidithal and yellam
  • Also a BIG thank you to all members who voluntarily helped to clean up the hall, thank you so much _/\_

Tamil monthly calendars for 2018 were distributed to all the members. We had a calendar voluntary donation of £15 from the members at the event.

Special thanks to our sponsors:

  • Mrs Vasantha Shanmugam for the Flowers (Malligai)
  • Dr Mani Babu for contributing towards the children’s gifts
  • Dr Manickam and Mrs Meena Manickam for the Calendars

Our LNS Pillaiyar Nonbu concluded at 10.30 pm

Our NEXT LNS EVENT – Tamil New Year will be on the 14th April, (Saturday)
Venue and other details will be announced soon.



Youtube: https://youtu.be/x1re5bNRGLc

Signing off for the final meeting minutes from the current LNS Committee.

Annamalai Chockalingam
LNS Secretary on behalf of LNS Committee 2017-18

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