LNS Deepavali 2018

The LNS Deepavali event 2018 was a fantastic celebration of the festival of lights at Adeyfield Community Centre on 10th November. Members started arriving from 2:00pm onwards and the event concluded around 10:30 pm. Around 200 members from across the UK attended this event and made it a grand celebration.

Key highlights of the Deepavali event included the following:

·       Devakottai Ramanathan as our special guest

·       Neeya Naana hosted by our special guest Devakottai Ramanathan

·       Lots of children performances

·       Bhavan student dancers, Bharathanatyam

·       Children hosting the event

     The LNS Deepavali event was also telecast live on YouTube for the first time.

We had our special guest Devakottai Ramanathan back on stage for the Neeya Naana at around 9 PM – topic was—-

வளவுக்குள்  வளம் சேரப் பெரிதும் காரணம் ஆச்சிகளின் சமத்தாஅப்பச்சிகளின் முனைப்பா

We had six participants on each side.  

LNS committee is thankful to all members who came forward voluntarily to help in serving food, setting up the Hall and the cleaning venue at the end – it would not have been possible to run such a massive event without the kind support from the Sangam members, our family…. ”Thank you _/\_

•       Photos Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1dOcz-8xm1raGbd5wmQDiIaNIoBzoYxGW

•       Video. live streaming Link:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UwTsafox7iYjHjfeHmQVY4EDAY3TYR0x/view?usp=sharing


•       YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/PA92kickeWs

Overall, it was a fantastic evening and the Committee is extremely happy to have received excellent feedback from the members.

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