LNS Pillayaar Nonbu 2018

LNS Pillayaar Nonbu event -15th December 2018
When and where:
Saturday, @ Darrick Wood School Hall,Lovibonds Avenue, Orpington BR6 8ER, Kent 


The LNS Pillayar Nombu was held (per Nagarathar tradition) at Darrick Wood School Hall, Lovibonds Avenue, Orpington, Kent, BR6 8ER. Members started arriving from 4:45 pm onwards and the event lasted until 10.45 pm. The meeting was attended by 58 families (nearly 200 members in total), an amazing turnout.

Aachis and children were involved in decorating the floor with Kollam. Kudos to the team for a beautiful kollam..Chettiars were involved in making the elai and trained the teen boys for the same.A Photo booth was organized to take family pictures of the members. These pictures will be published the LNS directory, Home made delicious dinner prepared by our achi’s were servedNew members were selected for next year’s LNS committee with consensus from all LNS members .After dinner, Yellam was conducted by Mr. Karuppiah, Mr. Karunamoorthy Mr. Ganesh Kumar and Mr. Selvaganesh.

Tamil daily calendars for 2019 were distributed to the members. Members who couldn’t attend the Pillayaar Nonbu event can collect the calendar later.

BIG thank you to our sponsors and all members for making this event a successful one !!

Photo Link

Event Meeting Minutes

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