LNS Tamizh Puthandu (Durmukhi Varudam) vizha

The traditional “Chithrai Tamizh Puthandu (Durmukhi Varudam) vizha” was celebrated on the 16th of April 2016 at the Bromley Hall.

The new 2016-17 LNS committee took over as office bearers on this occasion.
Thanks to the members for their attendance at this year’s Tamil new year function. With all their help and presence the function went on very well.


Tamil New Year Meeting Saturday, 16 April 2016 (3 Chithirai 2047), Bromley Parish Church (BR2 0EG)

The meeting was attended by 80 members (52 adults and 28 children). Mrs Sujatha Sethuraman conducted the meeting and it was initiated at 7 pm by lighting of kuthu vilakku by Annapoorani Achi. This was followed by prayer song by Mrs Sivagami Muthiah, Mrs Uma Venkatesh and Mrs Sujatha  Sethuraman.

The outgoing president, Mr M. Sethuraman gave the welcome speech and thanked his committee for the efforts in the year that made the events to be successfully conducted. He also wished well for the incoming committee. Next, the outgoing treasurer, Mr K. Venkatesh read the income and expense details for the past year including the details for charity account.

Thiagarajan annan spoke briefly thanking the previous committee and also wished well for the new committee. At this juncture, the members gave huge applause to the previous committee. The incoming president, Mr S. Ganesh Kumar was handed over the committee with Dr R. Palaniappan, taking over as
secretary, Mrs Annu Alagappan as Treasurer, Mrs Dheivanai Senthilnathan and Mrs Valli Lakshmanan as committee members. Mr Venkatesh handed the Treasury accounts to Mrs Annu Alagappan.

Dr Palaniappan thanked the previous committee and hoped that the new committee will be able to follow suit of the previous committee and meet the increasing expectations of the LNS members. He thanked Mr N. Shanmugam for sponsoring the flowers and the achi margals for the wonderful Chettinadu dinner. He also expressed gratitude to the sponsors in the previous year and hoped for continued support from them and all LNS members.

Mr Ganesh Kumar gave the inaugural speech as president by thanking the previous committee. He described the planned summer trip at Walnutree Manor on July 16-17 and encouraged more members to participate in the exciting overnight stay trip (a first for LNS) as there is still capacity to accommodate another 40 members. Live music arrangements (another first for LNS) during Deepavali was also mentioned. The dates for the following year events have been tentatively scheduled as:

  • Overnight summer trip: 16-17 July 2016 (Sat-Sun)
  • Deepavali: 30 October 2016 (Sun)
  • Pillayar Nombu: 10 Dec 2016 (Saturday)
  • Tamil New Year: 15 April 2017 (Saturday)

Mr Ganesh Kumar mentioned about LNS sporting activity: cricket league where teams are based on local areas and indoor league (such as badminton) where teams are divided based on Nagarathar Kovils.

Meiyammai Achi, mother of Mrs Sujatha Sethuraman and Mrs Priya Mani gave an aspirational talk on living. This was followed by new member introduction. The first was Mr C. Sriram from Panayapatti with his wife, Mrs Kavitha and son, Sai Krishav. The other new member was Mr AR. Chidambaram from Rayavaram and his wife, Mrs Vinodhini and daughter Aishwaryaa Kannammai.

The raffle tickets were won by Mr N. Vijay and Mr R. Valliappan. Photo sessions took place next for gentlemen, ladies and children. Games were conducted for young and older children. The smarties straw pick up game was won by Sachin and the English-Tamil word game was won by group comprising Nikitha, Nagu and Shalini. The games were conducted by Mrs Sujatha Sethuraman assisted by ladies.

Dinner was served and members commented on the variety of food items (including some items from (Anjappar) that was a relish. Special thanks to the members who helped in the food serving and clean up of the hall. The meeting concluded at 10 pm.

Link to the photos:  LNS Tamil new year 2016

Apologies if anyone or any details have been missed (kindly let me know).
Dr Palaniappan, LNS Secretary on behalf of LNS Committee 2016-17

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