LNS Summer Trip 2017

Date: Saturday/Sunday, 8th/9th July 2017,
Venue: Academy Newland Park, Buckinghamshire

Our annual Summer Trip – Aatam Paatam Kondattam – was a grand success!

The committee team started reaching the venue from 14:30 on Saturday 8th July, with the members coming to the venue from 16:00. The pre-dinner  events were held in the Space Room, which was located in LC Building. This room was very large, large enough for the younger members of our Sangam to cycle and scoot around having plenty fun.

The evening started off with lovely Chettinad snacks (ைக க், மணேகாலம், ேதன்ழல், ப்
ைட) followed by samosas, mutton rolls, kesari along with tea, coffee and soft drinks.

A welcome speech was given by our LNS President Mr Lakshmanan Somasundaram. The members were given paper to state facts about them. At around 17:30, a fun round of introducing ourselves were done as a game based on the facts given by the participants. The game was to identify true and false facts about participants by family members including children and other sangam members. Before heading off for dinner, Mr Lakshmanan Somasundaram announced the Bingo game will follow after dinner (stating rules, tickets and prizes) and he requested the participants to purchase the tickets at registration.

At 19:00, dinner was awaiting at the dining hall in main building. Along with venue provided food, there was delicious home-prepared food made by the committee team (Puliyogare,Potato Poriyal, Vegetable Fried Rice, Vegetable Briyani with Kurma). After dinner members headed back to the LC Building.

The Bingo game commenced with the help of Mrs Kaveri Lakshmanan, Mr Valliappan, Mr Chidambaram, Master Vijay and Mr Lakshmanan Somasundaram. The following members won the game (prize amount given next to the names):

1. Miss Nandhini Sekkappan and Mrs Uma Sekkappan – £5 giftcard
2. Mrs Sharadha Meenakshisundaram – £10 giftcard
3. Shanmugan Annan – £20 giftcard

Thiagarajan Annan distributed the prizes for the winners, well done all.

As the members had so much fun, we didn’t have time to change for the Disco. We started setting up the Disco with everyone helping with connecting the audio player to the speakers, thanks to Mr Senthil Panayappan and Mr Sekkappan. Lets’ go party Disco started off with a kuththu pattu, the young kids were on dance floor immediately showing off their steps. Even when time was going beyond 22:00, all the members wanted to stay back, enjoy the music and have more fun games: Musical chairs. Pass the ball and Chinese whispers.

Thiagarajan Annan made a touching speech, he said: ”He really loves this trip, very well organised, the venue is very nice and the members being altogether like this reminded him of the olden days, i.e. a family gathering”, he thanked the current committee for putting this trip together – thank you annan.

Past mid-night, we all decided to head to our rooms. All members had individual rooms with an en-suite. All rooms were located in same block for convenience, also each apartment had a communal area. So most of the members grouped together in the communal area to play cards with laughter and such kondattam, it was fun until 02:30, then we fell asleep.

Sunday morning was bright and sunny, all members were ready for breakfast at the venue at 08:00. Some members walked to the dining hall from the accommodation block.

Following breakfast, the members started with outdoor games. Cricket, football, other games were played. LNS Tendulkar, Dhoni, Kohli talents were exhibited. Also Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar talents were shown. There was a refreshing water cum drinks break.

Group photograph was taken.

Thiagarajan Annan gave another small speech, he said “We all thoroughly enjoyed the event. The event was like a kalyana kara veedu with families grouped together. This committee was hosted and organised like a traditional wedding gathering in chettinad, well done to all members and the committee”.

Mr Mohan Subbiah invited all the members for his daughter’s wedding in Kallal, taking place on the 27th August.

Sports continued after a small break. Cricket with ladies, children joining in. Also Indian games Pallanguli, Kho-Kho were played. Around 12 noon, members moved into the indoor sports hall. Here we played basketball, badminton, throw ball. Active participation from children during the all sports.

As time crossed 13:00, the members started walking over to the dining hall for lunch. After lunch, we grouped together in the green landscaped area, under the huge trees where Mr Lakshmanan Somasundaram thanked all members who joined us in the Summer Trip, cooperating and making the entire 2 days a memorable event. Also for active participation in all activities including the Bingo. He gave a special thanks to his committee for good team work and making the event successful. He announced that LNS will organise a day trip for members on Saturday 16th or 23rd September (as many members requested this since they couldn’t join us for the Summer Trip due to a busy July month – Kovil Kumbabishekam, AR Rahman Show, India trip etc). LNS members to watch out for further communication on this.

Summer trip members left venue around 14:45 with cheerful memories and joy.


Special thanks to Thiagarajan Annan and Aachi, Dr C. Nachiappan, Shanmugam Annan and Aachi for joining us and spending time until Sunday participating in all the games actively and having fun.

Venue organisation, co-ordination and management: Kavitha Shanmugam, for finding such a great place with individual event spaces, play areas, sports hall, comfortable rooms, all bookings (incl. Event room, Disco room, Playground) purely dedicated for our LNS event alone

Mr Valliappan for updating the contact details for our existing and new members.

For the home-made food items:

Puliyogare rice and potato poriyal – Vasantha aachi
Vegetable fried rice – Uma Valliappan
Vegetable briyani and kurma – Meenakshi Ashok
Kesari – Kaveri Lakshmanan
Chettinad snacks – Saraswathi and Annamalai
Chettinad snacks – Uma and Sekkappan
Samosa and mutton rolls (purchase) – Siva Chockalingam
Cricket set purchase – Ashok Nachiappan
Bingo and Pallanguli purchase – Lakshmanan Somasundaram
Audio master – Annamalai Chockalingam
Registration – Uma Valliappan

Click forPhotos 1  and Videos

For those who missed out, please join us for the next event 🙂
Thank you,
LNS Committee 2017/18

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