LNS Pillayar Nombu 2017

The LNS Pillayar Nombu event was held as per LNS tradition at Petts Wood Memorial Hall, Petts Wood, Bromley, BR5 1LA. Members started arriving from 5 pm onwards and the event lasted until 10.30 pm. The meeting was attended by 54 families totalling 172 members (120 adults and 52 children).

The meeting was initiated by lighting of kuthu vilakku by Mrs Annapoorani Achi. This was followed by prayer song by Mrs Valli Lakshmanan and Hema Nagappan and ladies (Mrs Nithya Palaniappan, Mrs Uma Valliappan, Mrs Geetha Selvaganesh and Mrs Valli Lakshmanan). Ms Priya Muthiah sang a beautiful Pillayar song in Sanskrit and all members joined in singing more Pillayar songs led by Mrs Valli Lakshmanan.

Mr S. Ganesh Kumar welcomed all the members and prior to electing the new committee, Mr Thiagarajan annan spoke about the importance of members voluntarily coming forward to take up committee positions. After this, new committee was selected which consisted of

President Lakshmanan Somasundaram
Secretary Annamalai Chockalingam
Treasurer Umarajeswari Valliappan
Committee member Kavitha Shanmugam
Committee member Sivaraman Chockalingam
Webmaster Ashok Chellappan

The incoming president, Mr S. Lakshmanan briefly thanked the current committee and mentioned that the new committee will work hard to the satisfaction of members. The current president, Mr S. Ganesh Kumar congratulated the newly elected committee and wished them the very best of luck and support for the next year.

New members’ introductions took place next and this was followed by members queuing familywise and prayed Vinayaka peruman before partaking elai. The elais were given by Mr Thiagarajan, Mr Shanmugam and Dr Mani Babu annans assisted by Mr Ashok Chellappan and Mr Sivaraman Chockalingam.

After all the members took elai, Mr S. Ganesh Kumar briefly detailed the disbursement of the charity account. This year London Nagarathar Sangam has disbursed £2000 for charity (£1000 towards education assistance and £1000 towards marriage assistance). LNS charity team consisting of Mr K. Karunamoorthy (as permanent member), Mr S. Ganesh Kumar (as current president) and Mr M. Sethuraman (as previous president) also coordinated the education assistance in partnership with MA PL Ramanathan Chettiar Trust, Pallathur, which meant that the LNS charity team were able to double the number of people supported through the charity work. A total of 10 marriages and 21 students were supported this year (details were distributed earlier through email). The president thanked all the members who contributed to the Sangam to make this possible and encouraged members to take part in the ???? to allow more charitable assistance in the coming year. LNS charity team coordinator Mr S. Senthilnathan was also thanked for his work in reviewing and shortlisting the multitude of applications.

ஏலம் took place next, led by Mr Raja Alagappan and assisted by Mr K. Karunamoorthy and Mr S.Sentilnathan. The following items were taken by
மஞ்சள்– Mrs and Mr Kumar Muthualagappan for £301
தேங்காய் – Mrs and Mr Lakshmanan Somasundaram, £31
சக்கரை – Mrs and Mr R. Valliappan, £101
கல்கண் டு – Mrs and Dr C. Nachiappan, £61
எலுமிச்ரச – Mrs and Mr Raja Alagappan, £31
உப்பு – Mrs and Mr Kumar Muthalagappan, £201
கல் உப்பு – Mrs and Mr Lakshmanan Alagappan, £131
வெள்ளிப்பிள்ரளயாை்– Mrs and Mr K. Venkatesh, £211
வெள்ளி விளக்கு – Mrs and Mr N. Thiagarajan, £301
வெள்ளி பசு கன்று – Mrs and Mr Lakshmanan Alagappan, £311
வெள்ளி குங்குமச்சிமிழ் – Mrs and Mr S. Ganesh Kumar £181
வெள்ளி துளசி மாடம் – Mrs and Mr K. Karunamoorthy, £311
வெள்ளி குலொழும்பிள்ரள – Mrs and Mr Subramaniam, £151
தங்க காசு – Mrs and Mr S. Senthil Panayappan, £301
தங்க காசு – Mrs and Mr R. Selvaganesh, £301

Overall, the ஏலம் items came to £2925 and Mrs and Mr N. Palaniappan donated £75 to round the total ஏலம் collection to £3000. The committee would like to thank all the members who won the ஏலம் items and raising money for good causes to be donated through the Sangam. Members who obtained the ஏலம் items are requested to make the payment by 1st February to LNS account (once payment has been made, please advise the Treasurer, Mrs Annu Alagappan):

A/C Name: London Nagarathar Sangam
Bank: HSBC
Sort Code: 40-06-21
A/C No: 41561847

Members then took dinner and commented on the variety of food items (which included some traditional Nagarathar dishes like vellai and karupati paniayarams) that was a relish.

Tamil daily calendars for 2017 were distributed to all the members.

Special thanks to the achis who prepared the delicious food in sufficient quantity. Mrs Sivagami achi’s effort in preparing the very tasty elai maavu is appreciated (thanks to Mrs Geetha Vijay for bringing the maavu) and thanks to the chettiars who helped to make the elairapidly on the day. Committee acknowledges the support of Mrs Vasantha Shanmugam for sponsoring the malligai flowers and Mrs Annapoorani achi for bringing swami pictures and poojai items. Mrs Nithya Palaniappan for sponsoring and bringing the calendar cakes from India and Mrs Dhevi Senthinathan’s assistance in purchasing the ஏலம் items are also acknowledged.

Thanks to all members who voluntarily helped to clean up the hall.

The meeting concluded at 10.30 pm. Link to the Photos

The next LNS event will be to celebrate Tamil New Year. Venue, date and other details will be announced closer to the time.

Signing off for the final meeting minutes,

Dr R. Palaniappan
LNS Secretary on behalf of LNS Committee 2016-17

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