Constitution 01-Jan-2008

  1.      Objectives of the organization are to promote Nagarathar membership in London Nagarathar Sangam (LNS) was founded by Nachiappa Thiagarajan of Kallal, to facilitate and encourage participation in the LNS. Provide a local forum in areas around London for the exchange of ideas and information about trends, issues through discussion groups.

2.    Follow Nagarathar’s convention and the religious activities. Instil integrated thoughts, habits and convention in young Nagarathar’s concepts. Arrange General Meetings and Social gatherings as necessary with a minimum number of 3 in addition to the religious meeting.

3.    Requirements for Membership: Any Nagarathar having the full faith and honesty and integrity towards Nagarathar’s, may become a member of the organization by disclosing the personal name, native place and Temple of origin. Membership application/renewal forms shall be sent directly to the membership designate decided if necessary, according to the decision by the president.

4.    Method of nominating and electing new officers: All Members of LNS are entitled to vote for officers of the Organization. The Executive committee shall coordinate nominations of officers. (Nomination by a member or email ballots are acceptable).

5.    Method of replacing officers during the term of office: The Executive Committee shall name an interim officer to serve until the next election.

6.    Time of the year for electing new officers: Election will be conducted in April, and the officers will assume the responsibilities of the office in April.

7.    Membership dues will be collected in every April. The membership charge will be decided as and then according to the decision of the committee.

8.    New Clause Added w.e.f 1st April 2009——-The Sangam shall involve itself in Charity work every year with effect from 1st April 2009. Charity would include Financial assistance for the good cause* to our fellow Nagarathar’s based in India. The contribution towards charity fund would be a voluntary, by members over and above the annual membership and it is purely left to the discretion of members to contribute to the fund every year. The contribution can be made round the year and money can be transferred to Sangam Bank Account with adequate references and email to the treasurer. Requests for assistance from Nagarathar’s should be via email, together a physical copy by post with appropriate evidence** for seeking the financial assistance from Sangam. The decision for approval of the request and the contribution from the fund will be made by the active committee members for that calendar year and it must be approved by Minimum of 3 members from the committee constituting of The President, Secretary or Treasurer and Any one of the committee member.

9.    New clause added w.e.f 1st January 2019: All changes to the structure of LONDON NAGARATHAR SANGAM must be approved by all LNS trustees, Dr.Nachiappan, Mrs.Geetha Karuppiah , Mr.Selvaganesh and Mr.N.Thiagarajan.

10.  And on any event the name of LONDON NAGARATHAR SANGAM must remain the same.

11.  In case that there is a change of a trustee, new trustee can be nominated by the existing trustee and seconded by an individual LNS member who has held continued membership for the last 5 years.

12. New clause added w.e.f 1st January 2020: In order to ensure there is no Conflict of Interest, Trustees and Annually elected committee members (including their spouse) of the London Nagarathar Sangam cannot be on any other Nagarathar led committee or position of authority. (including Other Nagarathar sangams, associations or temple management teams)

*Position of authority includes Presidents, Chairpersons, Secretaries, Treasurers, Finance leads and committee team members.

13.   Trustees and committee members should remain unbiased during their tenure.

* Good cause to include assistance towards education, marriage, as deemed reasonable by the committee.
** Appropriate evidence to include the request letter from Sangam adequately signed, any other supporting evidences which may deem fit depending on the requirements

Officers and duties

The Officers of this organization operating committee shall consist of President, Secretary, Treasurer, 2 Committee Members and a Webmaster.

1.    President
a. Shall head the Committee and have the ultimate responsibility for the functioning of the organization and its relationship with LNS
b. Shall convene and conduct the General Membership Meetings and have the primary responsibility for the smooth running of LNS
c. Shall be responsible for planning and coordinating chapter activities in cooperation with the other Committee members and the general membership.

2.    Secretary
a. Shall assist the President with the duties of the officer.
b. Shall be responsible for the planning and coordination of organization activities that relate to LNS Meetings and the Annual Conference and to form committee as needed.
c. Shall have record keeping duties and shall keep minutes and records of the organization’s meetings and functions.
d. Shall maintain the NAME Student Chapter file and make previous meeting’s minutes available to members.
e. Provide copies of the current constitution and make new members aware of its existence.

3.    Treasurer
a. Shall be responsible for initiating and coordinating fund raising functions.
b. Shall have responsibility over the organization’s finances and keep records
c. Reports directly to the President.
b. Maintain Members’ records and collect annual Membership charges.
c. Arrange all collections in respect of expenses in the Hall (food, raffle etc.)

4.    Webmaster Shall design, maintain and update the organization’s web site 

5.    Committee members Shall assist and have responsibilities on all matters and carry out the allocated necessary duty, by the President / Secretary.

Trustees Shall have vested responsibilities in the finance and should look after the interest of LNS with full faith