Tamil New Year 2022

Dear Annan’s and Achi’s,

Poster : https://www.facebook.com/Londonnagarathars/posts/10158217327335755

We are proud to inform you all that we have successfully conducted our LNS Tamil New Year meet 2022 and we are overwhelmed with the response from you all, a big thank you to one and all who attended the event.

The event started by lighting the Kuthu Vilaku. Kuthu Vilaku was lighted by Seetha Achi, Viji Achi, Sumathi Achi, Sharmila Achi and Malathi Achi.

The prayer song was sung by our own budding singers Veena Ramanathan, Abi Vairavan and Gowri Vairavan. 

Summary of the LNS committee 2021-22 tenure was delivered by our President, Mr. Selvaganesan Ramanathan. He addressed the attendees and gave a quick speech on throwing more light on what happened behind the screens, the key point highlighted was steps taken to register LNS as charity organisation, by highlighting the fact that changing to charity organisation we would get tax rebate from the Government which could be used for good causes. 

Secretary Mr. Chellappan Palaniappan spoke about the way committee worked and spoke about the events, how it attracted more people to join LNS functions, key point highlighted was a request to new committee to include all the spouses name of committee because without their help of respective other halves can’t be efficient in conducting LNS. 

Treasurer Mr. Veerappan Annamalai gave a quick summary about accounts, all the expenses were made from income received during the last year, key point highlighted was to get sponsorship for malar so the malar cost could be subsidized. 

Mrs. Manjula Alagappan and Mr. Alagappan Palaniappan thanked LNS members for their support throughout last year.

The new committee was introduced, the new team is headed by Mr. Manikandan Ramanathan, he introduced his team

President- Mr. Manikandan Ramanathan

Secretary: Mrs. Meena Ashok Chellappan

Treasurer: Mrs. Valli Vairavan

Committee members: Mr. Nachiappan Subramanian, Mr. Chockalingam Natrajan & Mrs. Ishvarya Annamalai

Webmaster: Mr. China Meyyappan.

Mr. Manikandan Ramanathan thanked the outgoing team and informed that Deepawali 2022 was being planned to conduct as a joint event between North Sangam (NASA) and LNS.

New team was welcomed by the current team by honouring them with Ponnadai. – https://www.facebook.com/Londonnagarathars/posts/10158225754985755

Kids cultural was conducted and our rising LNS superstar performance are as below:

1. Alarmelu Aiswarya Periyakaruppan & Vijaya Soundarya Periyalaruppan – Bharatnatyam

2. Swetha & Siddarth – Sloka recitation

3. Veda Veerappan – Dance performance

4. Sanjana Chinna Meyyappan – Singing 

5. Sarayu Indra Chellappan – Monologue 

6. Anishwar Ashok Chellappan – Singing

7. Sai Varsha Alagappan – Dancing 

8. Veerasubramaniyan Nallakaruppan – Monologue 

All kids performed well, and it was well received by the audiences. It’s always a pleasure & feast to our eyes to see young kids perform and display their talents without stage fear.

The much-awaited ‘Vazhai Ilai Virundhu’ with 21 items was served, all the members showed interest in helping and serving the food, especially panthi visaranai and clearing after every panthi. All these activities took us down our memory lane to functions attended in our respective native villages.

There was a small photo both not as grand as Deepawali though, people showed massive interest and took their pictures. 

LNS Committee 2021-22 wrap up cake was cut and served to kids and followed by group photo. Group photo was ‘cherry to the top’ of this event.

We, LNS Committee 2021-22 would like to thank everyonewho helped us to serve Vazhai Ilai Virudhu. This MoM won’tbe sufficient to add everyone’s name to thank their support & involvement. We would like to say a special thanks to our guest from India Mr. M. Palaniappan and Mrs. Viji Palaniappan (our committee member Alagappan Palaniappan’s parents) for taking in charge of back kitchen and guiding volunteers to serve the food well.

We would like to thank the following for their support:

1. Flower sponsorship – Mrs. Vasantha Achi

2. Hall- Mr. Chellappan Palaniappan

3. Food and Vazhai Ilai – Mr. Chellappan Palaniappan, Mr. Selvaganesan Ramanathan and Mr. Chidambaram Arunachalam.

4. Camera was lent by Mr. Sethuraman Murugappan

5. Photography – Mrs. Ramya Chellappan

6. Kuthu Vilaku – Mrs. Manjula Alagappan

7. Serving cutleries and utensils- Mrs. Manjula Alagappan

8. All volunteers who helped to make this event a grand success. 

With this I would like to say a ‘big thank you’ to one and all LNS members and LNS Trustee on behalf of LNS committee 2021/22 for supporting us through last year. I would like to wish All the Best to the incoming committee for the upcoming year. 

Photos Link: https://www.facebook.com/Londonnagarathars/posts/10158225749065755

Thank you

Kind regards,

Chella (Chellappan Palaniappan)

Secretary LNS Committee 2021-22 on behalf of President, Treasurer, and other committee members of LNS committee 2021-22.